Post-spawn: Going deeper


Chris Mitchell

The fish are done spawning and the fish have left the shallow parts and are headed out deeper. This time of year fish may stop off at the secondary stuff as they are transitioning to go to the deeper water but from what I have seen and experienced,  this time of year is when the bass goes the deepest they are going to be.  You may find some on the ledges and points feeding up to regain energy from spawning but your best bet is to not fish shallow.  With saying that now this is the time when shad are spawning and in the morning you can catch some really good bass while they are feeding on the shad at those secondary points. 

 To give you an example of why I say the fish are deeper now is look at when the Elites fished Kentucky Lake. We were fishing predominately shallow and then now look at the FLW series being at Kentucky Lake and they are all out deep fishing. 

When bass get done spawning is the time of year when they will be the deepest. They go out off of those beds and feed. When the fish are out this deep you have to have patience and make sure you are doing your research on the lake you are fishing. Look at your Lowrance units and Navionic map cards and see what fish are around and if they are near the shad spawn or on those secondary points. If they aren't then moving out deeper as the day progresses is your best bet.   I always say May is Cranking month. Get those deep diving crankbaits like a Livingston Deep Impact 18. You can also change it up and throw a V&M Jmag worm on a football head, a hair jig with a swimbait and even a spoon. 

Now after about 2 or 3 weeks, the fish will start coming back up shallow again and looking for big schools of baitfish and we will start sight fishing again! Until next time, keep on fishing!