David Gaston’s springtime tacklebox

Bassmaster Elite Series rookie David Gaston has started his Elite Series career making back-to-back cuts at Okeechobee and Seminole, and he currently sits within striking distance of the top of the Bassmaster Rookie of the Year standings.
The Alabama pro likes to utilize a combination of moving baits and bottom contact baits in the springtime to target all depths of the water column.
Gaston starts out with an empty 3700 box.
Z-Man Evergreen JackHammer
“I throw a 3/8 ounce and a 1/2 ounce depending on the situation, and color will vary from lake to lake,” Gaston said. “I’ll throw the JackHammer around pretty much any piece of cover, but it excels around grass. If I’m picking up too much scum on a shallow running crankbait, I’ll usually switch to a ChatterBait too.”
SPRO RkCrawler 50 Crankbait
“The RkCrawler just gets bit,” he said. “I like to throw the RkCrawler on those places that are a little deeper than the places you would throw a ChatterBait or squarebill. I’m usually going to throw it around some type of rock – long points, transition banks and bluff style banks.”
Crusher Lures Heavy Finesse Jig
“This is a very versatile jig that is a springtime bite getter,” said Gaston. “It performs really well around boat docks, rocks and wood which allows me to keep it tied on regardless of the situation.”
Crusher Lures Shaker Worm Head paired with a Zoom Trick Worm
“I’m going to fish a shaky head when I can’t get bit on anything else,” he said. “Usually I’m throwing the shaky head in the same areas as the jig, but I like to slow it down and fish ever slower. A lot of times in the spring, I dye the tail chartreuse or orange.”
Crusher Lures Petite Spinnerbait
“A spinnerbait is really my go-to for fishing around laydowns,” Gaston said. “Typically this is a bait that I’ll pick up when the water is a little dirtier.”
SPRO Little John 50 Crankbait
“The Clear Chartreuse is by far my favorite color in this bait,” he said. “I’ll throw this bait around sand, mud, stumps, rocks, docks and laydowns. Anytime I go to a lake that is considered a good cranking lake, this is my go-to.”
There you have it! Gaston shows off the finishing touches to his springtime tacklebox.
Thanks again, David!