5 favorites with Logan

Being a local to the Coosa River, Wes Logan is an expert on the shad spawn. The Alabama pro has experienced a lot of tournament success from targeting the shad spawn over the course of his young career.
Being efficient is everything when it comes to fishing the shad spawn. Having a solid lineup of lures before hitting the water is important.
In this 5 favorites, Wes Logan will reveal his 5 favorite baits to fish the shad spawn.
As expected, Logan's lineup of baits primarily features baits in shad patterns. Let's get into each of his 5 favorites.
1) 3/8-ounce Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig paired with a Zoom Z-Craw Jr.
It's no secret that Wes Logan is a master with a swim jig in his hand. The Alabama pro likes to throw the swim jig at any hard cover on the bank — floating docks, wood and most certainly grass.
2) Team Ark Elite Z-Flat Flatside Crankbait
A shallow-running crankbait is also one of Logan's go-to shad spawn baits. He likes to throw this crankbait around hard spots, seawalls and riprap banks.
3) 1/2-ounce double willow leaf spinnerbait
A spinnerbait has always been a shad spawn staple, and Logan still keeps it in his rotation. He prefers a double willow leaf because he's not as worried about vibration, but rather matching the profile of the baitfish. The spinnerbait comes to play in a lot of the same areas, but he also added that it is great over submerged grass as well.
4) Team Ark Topwater Slider
Is there really a more fun way to catch a bass than a topwater bait? When the shad are spawning, a topwater bait is always going to have a place on Logan's deck. If the weather is sunny, he prefers a chrome pattern, but if it is cloudy he prefers a bone color. Logan throws this bait over long points.
5) Dirty Jigs Scott Canterbury Pro Buzz paired with a Zoom Horny Toad
Last but not least, a buzzbait rounds out his favorite shad spawn baits. Of the five baits, he mentioned that this is the most versatile bait of them all. Logan said he fishes it the same places as the other baits, but he loves to throw a buzzbait around seawalls.