Pro Tips


Winter patterns

Most anglers know the basics of patterning winter bass. Here, coldwater experts offer some advanced lessons to increase your success when the mercury drops


Trip’s tips for Classic winning patterns

In this article, you can read about Trip Weldon, one of central Alabama's most talented bass anglers and his analysis of the upcoming 2002 Bassmasters Classic on Lay Lake.


Seven ways to finesse

Read about the resurgence of finesse worms, a hot technique for top bass pros right now.


How to fish long bill jerkbaits

In this article, read what happened when Rob Kilby's Spoonbill cleared the edge of the grass. The bass inhaled it," says Kilby. "The only thing sticking out of their mouths was the bill.


Slugging it out with Wharton

In recent times, the Slug-Go no longer plays such a significant role on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail. In the eyes of many anglers, that genre of soft plastics has largely been replaced by Senko-type soft stickbaits.


Stir-crazy tricks from Scalish

"I like fiddling with my tackle," said Scalish, a BASS winner and trained graphic artist. "All pros are always looking for ways to improve things."


The donkey rig

"My friends and I call it the donkey rig," Menendez said. "It's absolutely one of the funniest ways of fishing. If you're not catching any, you'll amuse yourself the whole day because the action is so erratic and so different.


Desaro’s swivel trick

The swivel has proven an effective tool for securing soft plastics in place, and Desaro believes its silver coating gives off an attractive flash as well.

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