Guide to Shimano’s reel lineup

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Stella FE

If you want to truly feel Shimano technology, it’s Stella FE. This reel has all Shimano’s latest and greatest innovations, made from the best possible materials at the time of manufacture. Magnesium frame and side plate, E1 coating, Paladin gear, Propulsion spool, X-Ship.

Sustain FG

It has a new refined appearance. Sustain FG represents power and precision with style. Aluminum frame, C14 rotor, X-Ship, Paladin gear, Propulsion spool.

Stradic FJ

Like Curado in the baitcasting lineup, Stradic has FJ a name that has been trusted in the past. There are two versions – one made with an aluminum frame, and another made with lightweight C14 carbon-based graphite. Both models feature Paladin gear, Propulsion spool and X-Ship.


Core MG

Represents Shimano’s best-ever tooling for a low profile baitcasting reel. Its magnesium frame reduces weight without sacrificing strength. It’s so light, it feels like a toy, until you fish it. The gun metal black color makes it appear smaller. Also features a concave level wind combined with a newly designed magnesium spool that creates less friction during casting. Eight stainless steel ball bearings, plus one anti-reverse ball bearing.

Chronarch E

Tthis represents a new concept. Previously the Chronarch was all white. The new model features a gun metal white and black theme. It has a solid aluminum frame and graphite side plates, which make it lighter. The Chronarch E200 weighs 7.6 ounces and the 50 model weighs 7.1 ounces. Five ball bearings, plus one anti-reverse ball bearing.

Curado G

The Shimano classic, which has meant performance and quality for two decades, features new tooling and an aluminum body with graphite side plates. It also has a newly designed matte black handle. Four ball bearings, plus one anti-reverse ball bearing.

Citica G

Represents Shimano reliability and innovation in a low-mid entry level baitcasting reel. It has a clear, simple look with a matte black and silver color theme. Citica G has an aluminum frame and graphite side plates. Three ball bearings, plus one anti-reverse ball bearing.


This is the entry level Shimano baitcasting reel with all the basic features offered in other baitcasters, including models with HEB and VBS. Caenen has a graphite frame and side plates with a metallic silver and maroon color theme. Six ball bearings, plus one anti-reverse ball bearing.