ICAST 2023: Bank fishing picks

Evolution Drift Series 3600 Tackle Backpack: This backpack is designed to have all the space you need for tackle, gear, and snacks for roaming the bank. Designed for easy access, you’ll be bale to change baits on the fly and get back to fishing with this backpack.
Bizz Baits Dinnerbell Buzzbait: The Dinnerbell is a clacker-style buzzbait that can be slow rolled and make plenty of noise to elicit big bass to eat. A buzzbait is a perfect bait for covering shallow water quickly especially in the morning hours.
Lunkerhunt Compact Popping Frog: This compact size popping frog is perfect for fishing around cover. The smaller size makes it an easy meal for bass that are used to seeing bigger topwaters.
SPRO Power Offset Neko Hook: This Offset Neko hook offers the versatility to wacky rig or Neko rig using this hook and not lose any hook strength. This is the perfect hook to throw those rigs in and around cover.
Bizz Baits Dizzy Drop Worm on a Straight Up Shakeyhead: The shakeyhead is a notorious bite getter, one that every bank fisherman needs to have in their tackle box. Bizz Baits offers a finesse style worm with a bulbous tail that moves water without the having to impart action to it. Paired with their snakehead, it is a deadly combination.
FinMan STOW Hook keeper: One of the most frustrating features on rods can be the hook keeper or lack thereof. The STOW hook keeper is easily applied to any rod and can store any bait you have tied on including Texas rigs, jigs, crankbaits and droshot weights.
Simms Pursuit Shoe: Bank fishing calls for having a solid pair of shoes. The Pursuit shoe is designed for use in and around the water. With a slip-resistant outsole and easy lacing system, these shoes are perfect for bank fishermen.
Under Armour Fish Hunter 2.0 Pant: The new UA Fish Under Pants are the ideal fishing pant. You never know what you may encounter walking the bank, having your legs covered is typically your best bet. These pants are lightweight, breathable and have plenty of storage for personal items and tools.
Lew’s American Hero Baitcast Combo: Bank fishing can be rough on your rods and reels, the new Lew’s American Hero Combos give you everything you need for bank fishing at an affordable price.
Lew’s American Hero Spinning Combo: This combo offers the same benefits as the casting combo but in a spinning setup. with multiple rod lengths and peers available, anglers can find a combination that works best for them.
Strike King KVD Bitsy Splash: This new finesse popper from Strike King is simply a bite-getter. It is a lightweight bait so spinning tackle will likely be necessary to make accurate casts, but throwing this bait around cover in the morning will elicit bites from bass not used to seeing a popper in this size.
Yamamoto 3″ Yamacraw: The Yamacraw is already a proven bait from Yamamoto that is now offered in a 3″ version. This bait is a must for imitating crawfish or bluegill up shallow. it can be used on a Texas rig or as a jig trailer making it extremely versatile.
Dirty Jigs Compact Swim Jig: Day in and day out a swim jig is a great way to catch bass in shallow water. The new Compact Swim Jig by Dirty Jigs offers a little smaller profile with a strong hook to trick pressured shallow fish into biting.
American Baitworks Co. Zoo Pop: This little weedless popper-style bait by American Baitworks will be a fish catcher. It offers the same profile and action as a popper, but with a weedless frog-style hook. This will allow anglers to present this bait in places that fish typically don’t see poppers.
Missile Baits Bomba: The heavy plastic baits have recently become popular among bass anglers. The Bomba can be fished on casting or spinning gear and is going to be very effective around shallow cover. It is offered in eight fish-catching colors and retails for less than other plastics in the same category.