Take Logan Martin to the bank

Wow! Look at this graph from a BassGold Pattern Report for Logan Martin in May:

Not a lot of gray area there! With a huge 70% of winning and high-placing (second-fifth) finishes happening near the shoreline, it looks like anglers in the upcoming Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Southern Open will want to forget about Logan Martin's June offshore bite and instead stay close to the bank.

That's awesome if you're fishing that lake this month because most bass anglers like to fish shallow. But even though BassGold shows what really has worked (not what should work or might work), always factor in current weather and lake conditions.

Where To Find 'Em

When you're around the shore, BassGold shows that docks account for twice as many wins as any other habitat factor.

It's interesting that seawalls factor in as well. A quick read of the pattern details shows that seawalls also account for a few big bass awards in tournaments ... though big at Logan Martin is around 4 pounds.

Also note that wood on this lake means brushpiles.

The Best Baits

With shoreline and docks, it's no surprise that jigs are the No. 1 bait. But more modern baits and techniques that have proved themselves the last few years on other dock lakes could also work – things like Beavers, swimbaits and Senko-type baits.

Weights To Shoot For

The Weights graph in the pattern report shows that tournaments this time of year are won with an average in the mid-teens per day, with second to fifth place weights just a pound or so under that. In other words, it should be a tight one.

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