Nania’s bladed jig tacklebox

Bladed jigs emerged early on as the go-to lure for junk fishing, an undeniably productive fish locator, and an all-around versatile lure that adds another dimension to the bladed baits categories. 
The Z-Man ChatterBait is the umbrella name over several models, each designed for specific duties to make this versatile staple a must-have in your bladed jig tacklebox. 
“They are all well rounded, with a finesse model (Minimax), an all-around search bait (JackHammer) and heavy cover or deeper water (Big Blade),” said Joey Nania.
The Bassmaster Opens EQ pro validates why you need them, as he will fill this empty tacklebox with ChatterBait of the various models. Take full advantage of their capabilities to maximize success with bladed jigs.
ChatterBait Minimax (Bluegill) 
This mini model comes in 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes and has all the premium hardware of its bigger siblings. 
“We all have downsized versions of full-sized lures, and the Minimax is designed for situations when you need a subtle profile and vibration,” Nania said, who recommends the 1/2-ounce model for all-around use.
ChatterBait Minimax (Spot Remover)
Nania recommends the 3/8-ounce size in this color, of which there are eight overall in the Minimax collection. 
“It’s the perfect shad imitator for when the bass are feeding on that size of the forage.” 
ChatterBait Jackhammer (Clear Water Shad)
Nania opts for the 1/2-ounce model in clear water situations, and hence pattern chosen for its name. 
“You get a natural look with a slightly silver back, with the pearl white adding the desired scale-like glimmer,” he said. 
ChatterBait Jackhammer (Green Pumpkin Shad)
This 3/4-ounce size and color has a special place in Nania’s tacklebox. He used it to win the St. Croix Bassmaster Open on Pickwick Lake, fishing along main river ledges and flats at 8 to 12 feet. 
“This weight falls fast into that deeper strike zone, and the size is productive for searching midrange depth ranges, while creating that ChatterBait reaction strike,” he said. 
ChatterBait Big Blade (Chartreuse/White)
The subwoofer-thumping XL version sports a heavy-duty 6/0 hook molded to 1/2- 5/8- or 3/4-ounce jig heads with nine skirt colors. Nania prefers the 1/2-ounce size for this pattern. “The XL blade creates a uniquely different vibration when everyone else is throwing the standard ChatterBait,” Nania said.
“You can throw it into submerged timber where the traditional ChatterBait might hang, and the big blade makes it bounce through the trees and hunt through them.” Go into heavy combat into cypress, laydowns and other gnarly cover.
ChatterBait Big Blade (Bluegill)
“The big blade makes it rise up and ride really high in the water column, and I like it for the 6- to 12-foot range,” Nania said, of his 3/4-ounce preference. 
“At that range it allows the bait to tick over structure without hang up, and the big blade is ideal for displacing water in dirty water situations when you want a lot of vibration.”
And there you have it. You normally grab the standard ChatterBait thinking it’s the best all-around choice. Expand those options to be even more successful with this tried-and-true bladed jig.