Rapala BX Swimmer

What is it?

Rapala’s new BX Swimmer, the jointed jerkbait/swimbait in the new BX (Balsa eXtreme) line.

What does it do?

Dupes bass with a blend of old and new school technology.

How do I use it?

Like you would your favorite old balsa Rapala baits, or like you do new plastic ones. It makes no difference. The BX Swimmer is a slow-sinker, so you can burn it or wake it across the top or let it fall into suspended fish and ambush them that way. Twitch it, and it darts left and right;steady retrieve it, and it swims as naturally as can be.

What sets it apart?

The BX Swimmer is a 4 3/4-inch hybrid of sorts. It melds proven, old school fish catching balsa wood with new injection-molded plastic for durability and colors not readily achievable on balsa lures. Inside the plastic shell is balsas wood that offers the classic action and buoyancy, and along with the durable plastic shell are sticky sharp, super strong VMC hooks. Ten colors are available. It’ll dive 4 to 6 feet on a cast when retrieved immediately and weighs 3/4 ounce.

How much?


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