Power-Pole goes wireless

What is it?

Power-Pole’s Signature Series Blade Edition.

What does it do?

Keeps your boat anchored in shallow water faster and quieter than ever.

Why do I need it?

Anglers are always finding more uses for these shallow water anchors. The most obvious use is for bed fishing. Keeping your boat silent when you’re mere feet away from a nesting bass can pay huge dividends. Bumping your trolling motor repeatedly does nothing for your bed fishing game. Secondly, these things can slow a drift in wind or current. Plus, they can hang onto trees and bushes to keep you still. Also, they’ve grown a bit. The Blade is offered in a 10-foot model.

How do I use it?

Similar to the older Power-Poles, the Blade is hydraulically actuated. However, this one is totally wireless. A remote control is standard equipment and allows the user to select from slow, medium or fast deployment, as well as select which Power-Pole deploys based on the direction you point the device (left or right).

What sets it apart?

This pole is the thinnest, lightest and most aerodynamic Power-Pole ever. It’s also got a new high-flow pump and motor for quieter and faster deployment. Plus, if you haven’t checked out the video of the Power-Pole on an airboat, you’d better hit up YouTube to see how rugged these things are.

How much?

You’re looking at $1,795.00 for the 8-foot model, and $1,995.00 for the 10-footer.

For more inforamtion:

You’ll have to wait until 2012, which is when Power-Pole will begin shipping these hot rod anchors. Power-Pole.com; 813-689-9932

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