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Gear Review: Halo Lee Livesay Signature Series HFX


Halo Lee Livesay Signature Series HFX 7-foot, 3-inch Medium Heavy Casting


The Halo HFX features Japanese Toray graphite blanks that deliver ultimate sensitivity in this rod, as well as the other rods in the lineup. The stainless steel guides are built to handle even the toughest braided lines but are still super sensitive for fluorocarbon lines as well. The Align guide system ensures perfect alignment of guides from handle to tip.

The Halo-exclusive 4 Finger reel seat offers an exposed blank design to allow fingers to feel the slightest bait touch. Sensitivity is further enhanced with integrated Sensi-touch cork composite rings that deliver more feel through the grip than conventional foam grips.


The 7-foot, 3-inch Medium Heavy rod is one of the three rods that helped Lee Livesay secure his record-breaking victory at Lake Fork in 2021. Talking to Lee himself about this particular model, he said it is an incredibly versatile rod that can be used for frogging, spinnerbaits or pitching to name a few. When you want to switch to a cranking bite, Livesay has a 7-foot, 6-inch Medium Heavy Crankin’ rod and the 7-foot Medium Crankin’ rod that provide the perfect combination of sensitivity and strength. 





During a trip to Grosse Savanne Lodge for an American Baitworks writer’s conference, I paired this rod with 60-pound braid and a Bobby’s Perfect Frog to take advantage of the aggressive topwater bite happening on the marshy lakes. Many anglers recommend a heavy-action rod when frog fishing, but I could achieve an excellent hookset and land ratio with this medium-heavy rod in all types of cover. While several bass would only bump the frog, I could feel when that bass made contact with the bait. 

The rod isn’t too heavy either. You can walk a frog all day without getting tired, as long as you have the wrist strength to keep up with the program. I boat flipped almost every bass I caught with this rod, including several 5-pounders, so I am confident this rod will stand up to any situation you may find yourself in on the water. 

Since leaving Louisiana, I have tested the rods with a couple of different techniques. My first casts with the rod using a buzzbait, I caught a 3-pounder followed by a 6-pounder, and the rod handled both well. It was easy to cast the bait, and it definitely had enough backbone to get a good hookset but enough tip to not pull the bait away from the bass in the process. I also tossed around a weightless Senko to see how sensitive the rod was, and I could feel most every bite I had with it. 

 I have confidence I could use it with pretty much any power fishing technique, from ChatterBaits and spinnerbaits to pitching to laydowns and other wooded cover.