Lucas’ babies

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Justin Lucas and his bride BreeAnna recently welcomed their first child into the world — a healthy baby boy named Cooper.

But to say Cooper is Lucas’ first baby isn’t entirely accurate. (Don't worry, Bree; I’m talking about lures here.)

If you’ve been paying attention to ICAST 2018, you’ve certainly seen the big splash (pun intended) Berkley is creating with an extensive addition to the company’s Hard Baits lineup with a killer roster of new topwater lures.

FLW Tour pro Scott Suggs and Lucas worked very closely with Berkley’s bait engineers to design 11 new topwater baits that are sure to make a splash at your local lake.

“We put two hard years into designing, testing and perfecting these lures. They are my babies,” Lucas joked. “To have a hand in creating a bait that runs exactly how I want it is something I’m very proud of. We committed to perfecting these lures after a tremendous amount of time at the Berkley testing facility and on the water with the fish.”

Basically, if the lure has a lip Suggs designed it. If no lip, it was Lucas’ handiwork. The Choppo, Spin Bomb, J-Walker, Bullet Pop, Spin Rocket, Cane Walker, HighJacker and Drift Walker are Lucas’ babies.

The Surge Shad, Jointed Surge Shad and WakeBull are products of Suggs’ creative expertise.

“I insisted on three primary features in each of these lures,” Lucas explained. “First was castability, second was action and number three was the paintjobs — 12 or 13 colors makes for an impressive selection. But, I wanted everyone to be able to buy and use these lures. So a sweet bait for less than $10 is hard to beat.”

The entire line of Berkley topwaters will be available for purchase soon. To learn more, visit