Just Ducky’s Loop-end cord

What is it?

Just Ducky’s Loop-end Cord, a bungee that doesn’t suck.

What does it do?

Straps stuff down. It’ll work as a rod tie-down on your front deck or for your co-angler. It’ll also keep your rods together as you take them in and out of the boat. The uses for a bungee like this are many.

Why do I need it?

To keep stuff from shifting on your as your tear across the lake or down the highway. Just Ducky has a whole bunch of tie down and securing solutions from cooler straps, to boat tie-ups to dog leashes.

How do I use it?

If you need help finding a use for these, then you must not have much “stuff.”

What sets it apart?

These polyurethane bungees won’t fray or weaken in the sun or with use. They stretch to twice their length as well. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty – when used as directed.

How much?

A pack costs $28.55.

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