Jethro Baits' Willie Frog

What is it?

Jethro Baits’ Willie Frog.

What does it do?

It does the topwater toad thing, buzzing and churning up the water.

Why do I need it?

‘Cause that grass you always fish in front of has big bass holed up in it, and buzzing a frog like Willie over top of it will surely cause an explosion.

How do I use it?

Ideally you’d rig it on a stout, extra-wide gap hook. If a fish strikes and buries itself in the grass, it may be a chore getting him out of there, so you need a burly hook that won’t bend out while you keep pressure on him. A small (1/8-ounce) weight is good to increase casting distance. Some pros will rig a topwater toad on a weighted swimbait hook that acts as a keel.

What sets it apart?

The Willie Frog is made to ride belly down all the time, regardless of how it lands after being cast. This greatly reduces the number of fouls you’ll get. Plus, Jethro Baits prides itself on adding a consistent amount of salt to each bait, which means more consistent performance from your soft plastics. The Willie frog has medium salt, which means it’ll sink very slowly, but most anglers fish it on the top anyways. Plus, since it’s not a heavy-salt bait, it won’t tear as easily.

How much?

See website.

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