Hot Product Press: V-T2

What is it?

New Pro Products’ V-T2, a simple device that might just save your tournament — and a bunch of fish.

What does it do?

In short, the V-T2 lets oxygen into your livewells during the day and removes bad gases that harm fish. How does this happen? Once the V-T2 is installed in the lid of your livewell, the well is open to the atmosphere. This releases heat (especially important in the hot months) and metabolic gases that fish release, which is important year-round. They are made to be stepped on, like your latches.

How do I use it?

Simple! Get a holesaw to install the gizmos then secure them with the supplied marine-grade hardware and you’re all set.

What sets it apart?

The best part about the V-T2 is that once you install it, it’s good to go forever. There’s no maintenance, no batteries and they’ll fit any bass boat. Also, since your wells are open to the atmosphere, they’ll be much drier when you get home than if you leave the box lid shut, which grows all sorts of funky stuff.

How much?

$44.99 per pair

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