Smith Optics ChromaPop

What is it?

Smith Optics’ new lens, ChromaPop.

What does it do?

The ChromaPop lens reportedly makes colors “pop” more than standard lenses thanks to breakthrough polarization technology and improves on traditional lenses in a number of ways including weight, scratch resistance and visual clarity, among others.

How do I use it?

Like you would any other shades; stick ‘em on your face and stop squinting.

What sets it apart?

On most lenses, the polarization comes from a film that can cause a haze after use, or even peel free. ChromaPop’s polarization is built in to the lens itself. The lenses are 10 percent lighter than polycarbonate lenses and 75 percent lighter than glass. ChromaPop lenses also have 4-5 times the scratch resistance of plastic lenses and have high impact resistance. The lenses are also tapered to create a perfect sight picture; in other words, there won’t be any distortion around the periphery of the lens. Furthermore, they repel water, grease, smudges and more and are photochromic, meaning they tint automatically to changing light conditions. These lenses will be available in six new styles as well as 15 previously offered Smith frames.

How much?

$209 - $269

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