Hot Product Press: Pro Point Lures Crunch Minnow

What is it?

Pro Point Lures’ Crunch Minnow, a soft swimbait.

What does it do?

It mimics a baitfish easing along. In other words, it’s got a fairly subtle action in all, but the tail kicks at any retrieve speed and the body rolls as well.

How do I use it?

A swimbait like this is pretty straightforward: Find where the fish are holding and reel this sucker through the pack and you’re likely to get some reaction. Its 4 1/2-inch size appeals to all sizes of bass, from keepers to lunkers. Or, since the hook is on the top, you can use it like a jig, slowly working it along the bottom. You could also throw a whole bunch of them on an umbrella rig.

What sets it apart?

There are lots of good soft swimbaits on the market, but many of them aren’t too durable. Sure, they garner lots of bites, but they tear and break easily. Softer plastics typically have better action, but they aren’t as rugged. Pro Point has managed to walk the line of durability and action to create a soft swimbait that’s good for fish after fish, all while maintaining good action. The colors are pretty much spot-on for the forage base they’re mimicking as well.

How much? has ‘em for $7.99 per pair.

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