Hot product press: Optimum Bait Co. Flying Fish

What is it?

Optimum Bait Co.’s newest creation, the Flying Fish.

What does it do?

It does the swimbait thing (attract big fish) with a little extra flair. Sure, flying fish are saltwater baitfish, but who hasn’t caught a bass on a worm? There are no “worms” that squirm around on the lake bottom, so a flying fish has every right to be in your bass pond. Besides, if you don’t like the extra appendages, tear ’em off and you’ve got a more traditional shad profile.

How do I use it?

Matt Paino — the mad genius behind famous Optimum Baits such as the Top-Of-The-Line swimbait, Double Diamond and Baby Line Thru (BLT) — developed the Flying Fish to appear as a vulnerable tadpole (in the smaller sizes) or some freaky critter (again, what’s a Brush Hog supposed to be?). But the colors and sizes range from trout to bluegill to shad to perch. Most baitfish are covered. A simple steady retrieve elicits a very subtle action, despite all of the appendages.

What sets it apart?

Well, it’s a swimbait the likes of which you’re probably never seen before. The “arms” kind of wobble ever so slightly while the tail rolls and kicks. It’s really impressive to see underwater. Several sizes are available, and all work well on Optimum's jighead.

How much?


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