What is it?

LIVETARGET's newest super lifelike hardbait, the HFC Craw.

What does it do?

The HFC stands for “hunt for center” which is a feature built into this bait that causes it to erratically deviate from its track then return back to “center.” It’s likened to a hunting action, but more erratic.

How do I use it?

Bassmaster Elite Series pro David Walker says that the HFC Craw is ideal for cold water, the prespawn or grinding around rock. He expects the unique action to excel in tough fishing conditions.

What sets it apart?

The action is the hidden gem in this hardbait. The more obvious defining feature is what LIVETARGET is known for; creating brilliant, ultra realistic hard baits that areas anatomically correct to bass’ forage as possible. Six different craw colors will be released initially.

How much?


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