Hot Product Press: Jackall I-Prop 75S

What is it?

Jackall’s offering for the spybaiting craze, the I-Prop 75S.

What does it do?

It offers an uber-finesse look in a hardbait. It offers just about the most natural baitfish action there is: a baitfish simply swimming along minding its own business. It isn’t fleeing erratically, popping about on top or wobbling like no fish does.

How do I use it?

You don’t twitch it, jerk it, rip it or walk it; the iMotion technique requires a straight s-l-o-w and steady retrieve for best results. Ultralight tackle and line no heavier than 6 pound is preferred. In other words, don’t go throwing it along a grassline in a Florida lake where lunkers are caught regularly. You’ll lose it in no time flat.

What sets it apart?

The bait will run perfectly horizontal due to the way the props are set. Further, the rear hook is positioned so that it won’t foul in the rear prop. Ever. Finally, the props are tuned specifically to give off just the right amount of flash and vibration. Remember, this isn’t a shallow, muddy water technique. It’s ideally suited to clear waters or those that see a lot of pressure.

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