Hot Product Press: Huk KVD performance fishing apparel

What is it?

Huk (pronounced “hook”) Performance Fishing Gear’s newest line of technical angler clothing, the Kevin VanDam Signature Apparel Line — offered exclusively at Bass Pro Shops.

What does it do?

Huk set out to dominate the technical clothing market, and has wrangled bass fishing’s 600-pound gorilla as its frontman: KVD himself. VanDam approved this line of gear as top-of-the-line goods for all anglers.

How do I use it?

Initially, the VanDam line will include sweatshirts, long-sleeve performance shirts (shown), hats, cooling t-shirts and polo shirts. Right now you’d want any of the performance offerings, possibly the polo.

What sets it apart?

Huk Performance Gear took several of the world’s best freshwater and saltwater anglers and asked them to create ideal clothing for fishing in any conditions. Huk’s hot, cold and foul weather lines are the result.

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