Hot Product Press: Hoven Monix

What is it?

Hoven’s Monix, a pair of shades you’ll have to try really hard to lose.

What does it do?

They’re polarized shades that keep your eyes from tiring from the sun. Plus, the built-in retainer has a strip of foam across it that floats them if they go overboard.

How do I use it?

If you need an explanation about how to use sunglasses, you likely have bigger concerns than wearing sunglasses. Stick ’em on your face and enjoy!

What sets it apart?

Sure, all fishing shades are polarized, but these come with a built in retainer and a unique feature that makes them easy to take on and off: they split apart right where the lenses come together. However, they won’t just fall off your face or break. There’s a super strong magnet that holds them together until you’re ready to take them off. Plus, a half-dozen lens options are available to suit any light condition outside.

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