Hot Product Press: G.Loomis IMX rods

What is it?

G.Loomis’ newest (kind of) rod line, the IMX series.

What does it do?

The new IMX line is an update of the original IMX graphite blanks that put G.Loomis on the map with bass anglers in 1985. They were a departure from the clunky and cumbersome fiberglass and low-modulus graphite sticks of the day. The IMX were light, sensitive and basically set the bar for rod builders 30 years ago. Today’s IMX line is updated with Fuji K-Frame guides and is built on bass-specific mandrels. The spacing of the K-Frame guides perfectly match the taper of the rod allowing for better balance and reduced weight.

How do I use it?

Think about what technique you use the most — flipping, drop shotting, whatever — then find the model for that technique. Fish it, and then begin replacing all your sticks after you’ve fallen in love.

What sets it apart?

The IMX line is made specifically for bass fishing, and with 34 actions, there is one for every feasible bait, rig or lure you’d want to throw.

How much?

$295 to $315

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