Folbot Sporting Life kayak

What is it?

Folbot’s newest kayak, the Sporting Life. This model is based off of another Folbot model, the Edisto, but several upgrades make it the most angler-friendly model the company produces.

What does it do?

It gets you to unmolested honey holes quickly and easily, and totes all your stuff with aplomb.

How do I use it?

This is just what you need to reach remote and secluded waters that are inaccessible to larger boats and even many kayaks. The most interesting feature about the Sporting Life is the fact that it packs down to the size of a backpack, so you don’t have to lug a 10- or 12-foot boat through the woods. Plus, you can tote a Folbot even if you don’t own a pickup or SUV.

What sets it apart?

First and foremost, all Folbot kayaks are made in the USA. The 13-foot Sporting Life weighs less than 42 pounds, which is less than 50% of most plastic kayaks. It’s 14 inches high and can carry up to 375 pounds. The copolymer hull is twice as puncture resistant as vinyl or PVC, which comprise most kayaks. Outriggers are included to make standing and fishing easier. Finally, the Sporting Life has a lifetime warranty. Oh, did we mention the snappy Realtree Max-4 finish?

How much?


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