Gear Review: ZMan TRD HogZ

What is it?


What sets it apart?

Designed to dress up the characteristically low-key Ned Rig, the TRD HogZ mimics a variety of invertebrates that hold a regular spot in the bass’ diet. the compact, ribbed body sprouts tiny small legs and two main appendages that produce a seductive quivering action with minimal rod tip movement. Consider this an enticing option for Ned Rig tactics when the bite is tough.

How do I use it?

Measuring 3 inches long, the TRD HogZ is made from Z-Man’s buoyant ElaZtech plastic, which floats up off the bottom when at rest. This enables the bait to assume a natural defensive crawdad position. Diversifying the look of what has generally been a more subtle presentation, this slender creature bait fits well with Z-Man’s Finesse ShroomZ and NedlockZ jigheads for Midwest finesse-style applications.

How much?

$4.99 (6)

More Information:


Angler’s insight:

So, we mostly turn to finesse tactics like the Ned Rig when fishing pressure, weather or bad hair days yield finicky bass. Well, finesse doesn’t have to mean boring. Think of the tapas — small, sample size portions; but usually some pretty cool culinary creations. I think the TRD HogZ will be an easy sell on the Ned, but I’m seeing a couple other interesting uses: Finesse Carolina rig and drop shot. The latter could be the deal-closer for tough bed fish.