Gear Review: Z-Man TRD BugZ

What is it?

Z-Man TRD BugZ

What sets it apart?

The TRD BugZ measures 2 3/4 inches making it a perfect match for the popular Ned rig. Smartly crafted with a wealth of fish-catching attributes, the TRD BugZ exhibits a slightly pear-shaped, flattened silhouette, highlighted with deep-cut ribs across its torso. Riddled with crustacean-like bumps, a primary flapper tail extends an inch from the torso, and can be split into two claw-like sections, or left intact. On each side of the tail is a secondary, leaf-shaped "flipper," each one molded to lie perpendicular to the torso and tail, producing offsetting action and faint pulsing vibrations.

How do I use it?

Whether you are chasing big largemouth, smallmouth or even spotted bass, the pint-size craw immitation is ideal for a number of rigging options, including: The Ned rig, shaky-head applications, weighted hooks, Texas-rigged and even as a lightweight, floating jig trailer. The bait is available in 16 forage-mimicking color patterns.

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Angler’s insight:

A fresh look at a presentation that's already catching a lot of fish is always a good thing. These bug or beaver-like profiles have proven themselves over and over again. How about a slimmed down, micro-size version that works especially well as a Ned rig dressing? Now factor that in with Z-Man's already famous ElaZtech material that seems to last forever, and you've got a real winner. To me the realism of a floating craw presentation on a stand-up jighead like a Ned rig makes perfect sense. I bet the bass won't be able to resist it.