Gear Review: Z-Man MinnowZ

What is it?

Z-Man MinnowZ 

What sets it apart?

The MinnowZ is Z-Man's top-selling soft plastic ElaZtech bait across the country. This 3-inch swimbait replicates the swimming action of small minnows, shad, bluegill and perch. The soft 10X Tough ElaZtech material is extremely strong and allows them to swim with ease without sacrificing durability. This versatile bait will shine for a variety of both fresh and saltwater species. 

How do I use it?

The MinnowZ pairs perfectly with the Z-Man 3/0 JigheadZ or your favorite jighead with a 3/0 hook. The split dorsal fin allows a pocket for the hook point to be concealed when rigged weedless. The paddle tail on the MinnowZ is extremely tantalizing at high speed retrieves just under the surface as well as while slow rolled on the bottom. Fish it in and around structure or fancast open flats at different retrieval speeds to cover water and catch more fish. It works well as a trailer on other techniques such as an underspin, buzzbait or finesse spinnerbait. 

How much?

$4.49/6 pack 

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

The Z-Man MinnowZ is available in 53 proven fish catching colors – this means you can literally match any forage you are trying to mimic. A small swimbait is known for putting tons of fish in the boat on high-pressure bodies of water and especially during the colder months of the year. The material ensures you will not need to re-rig after every fish and replace it after every two or three fish. It was designed to make fishing all day, or even all week, with one bait possible. It will quickly become your go-to finesse style swimbaits for all species.

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