Gear Review: South Bend Long Nose Pliers

What is it?

South Bend Long Nose Pliers

What sets it apart?

When fishing with younger anglers, there are several essential tools that are necessary for success. A good pair of pliers are needed to remove the hook from smaller fish, and even larger fish that swallow the hook. South Bend is known for manufacturing tools and gear for all anglers alike, and the long nose pliers are a perfect for any tackle box. They are made from high-carbon steel with a chrome-plated finish.

How do I use it?

With kids and beginner anglers, usually the hook set is not immediate after the bite. It usually takes a little longer for the bite to be detected and get a hook set. Having a pair of pliers to remove hooks from smaller panfish with a small mouth and from fish with the bait down their throat is key. They are also used for cutting line and wire to avoid using your teeth to cut line when tying knots.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Available in both 6- and 8-inch lengths, these pliers will work for any fish. Needle nose pliers will work for getting the hook out of even the smallest fish. They are easy to grip and the perfect size for teaching a beginner angler how to properly remove the hook from a fish.

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