Gear Review: re-Fuel Action Pack by DigiPower

What is it?

re-Fuel Action Pack by DigiPower  

What does it do?

This is a battery pack capable of extending the battery life of a GoPro to 6, 12 or 24 hours depending on the model.

How do I use it?

Remove the stock backdoor from your GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4 and replace it with the re-Fuel Action Pack. The Action Pack is waterproof, maintaining one of the features that makes the GoPro such a versatile camera. You can also use the Action Pack with GoPro’s Skeleton Housing allowing for better audio. If you’re wondering how much of a charge you have left, just give the action pack a shake and an LED charging meter will light up on the back of the Action Pack.

What sets it apart?

Battery life is the one issue most people have when using a GoPro. Considering the amount of technology packed into a tiny GoPro, the short battery life of around 2-hours is understandable but still frustrating for the outdoor enthusiast spending hours and sometimes days away from an additional power source. With the Action Pack in place, the outdoorsman can now rest assured the action cam will go the distance. Whether you’re heading out to fish for a day, hiking a trail or camping for the week, carrying extra batteries and changing them out on the go is no longer a concern with the re-Fuel Action Pack from DigiPower.

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Editor Insight

When it comes to capturing your unscripted fishing adventures, battery life is everything. I can't tell you how many times the GoPro battery has died just minutes before a big bass hits the deck of my boat--that's just Murphy's Law. The re-Fuel Action Pack keeps the camera running all day long so you can expect to relive your on-the-water excitement when you get home. This is a solid solution!