Gear Review: Rapala BX Brat

What is it?

Rapala BX Brat

What sets it apart?

Rapala’s tough new squarebill features a balsa core encased in a strong co-polymer shell, which adds strength and durability. This design also increases the bait’s weight and that yields longer casts. Complementing the traditional squarebill design, the BX Brat’s modified bill comes to a point in the middle to create crazy, unpredictable actions. Also, unique flat sides and a V-cut belly give the bait a tantalizing swimming action

How do I use it?

The BX Brat does everything a traditional balsa bait can do, only without concern over rough neighborhoods and close encounters. Bounce it off of dock posts, rocks, stumps, etc. and it will float back up from whatever it impacts without snags or signs of impact damage. the BX Brat measures 2 inches, weighs 3/8 ounce and bears two VMC No. 6 Black Nickel Treble round-bend hooks. The bait comes in 12 color patterns.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

We all know the benefits of balsa — that slow rise, the subtle uniqueness of every bait. But the downside of this soft wood is durability and the propensity of getting banged up. Consider this throwing a suit of armor on your bait before sending it into battle. The BX Brat should be a great fit for power fishing around rocky shorelines, laydowns, dock posts and scattered grass. And with two models — 3- and 6-foot diving depths — the BX Brat allows you to reach shallow fish as they adjust their depth based on light penetration.