Gear Review: Prym1 Performance Lightweight Hoodie

What is it?

Prym1 Performance Lightweight Hoodie

What sets it apart?

The Prym1 camo line of Performance Lightweight Hoodies expands the company's true hybrid camo patterns to the fishing industry. Already established for hunting applications, Prym1 has delivered a lightweight, comfortable lightweight long-sleeved hooded tee shirt designed to protect anglers from harmful UV rays while maintaining that stylish look. 

How do I use it?

The Prym1 Performance Hoodie is available in five colors – typhoon, tundra, ocean, camouflage in the multi-purpose (MP) and Prym1 Freedom, designed with red, white, and blue colors in the camo pattern. A portion of the Prym1 Freedom profits are donated to support first responders and law enforcement groups. The hood is added protection for hot sunny days, and the performance shirt boasts SPF 30 protection. Unlike sunscreen, you never have to worry about needing to reapply. Available in sizes small up to 3XL, their shirts will fit any angler. 

How much?


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Angler's Insight:

Anglers are on the water for long days whether fun fishing or practicing/competing in a tournament. The Prym1 Performance Hoodie gives anglers the ability to stay protected from the sun's rays while providing a cool and comfortable feel for a day of fishing. The Prym1 patterns are stylish and “cool” and designed for both fresh and saltwater applications. The company has taken their proven design and transformed them into colors that appeal to anglers.

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