Gear Review: Optimum Baits Opti Shad

What is it?

Optimum Baits Opti Shad

What sets it apart?

The Optimum Baits Opti Shad is the result of a successful partnership between Optimum Baits and Lucky Craft. The Opti Shad combines the successful Lucky Craft Wander Series baits with the revolutionary Double Diamond Optimum Baits series. While maintaining the key features of both, the incredible action and highly detailed characteristics have combined to create an artificial swimbait that straight up catches them in both salt and fresh water.

How do I use it?

The Opti shad is available in five different fish catching sizes — 2 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches and 7 inches — perfect for both fresh and saltwater applications. The bait is offered in 12 fish catching colors that have been perfectly matched to the detailed Lucky Craft Wander Series baits which the Opti Shads utilize. There is even a special color available in an 8-inch model for larger fish and saltwater techniques. The Opti Shad is shaped with a deeper profile no matter the size to match key forage such as panfish, bass fry, herring, shad, alewives and multiple saltwater forage.  

How much?


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Angler's Insight:

As an angler who loves to throw soft plastic swimbaits, it is a necessity to have a bait that mimics the agitated and often unpredictable behavior of a baitfish in distress. The main difference between this swimbait and many others is the body design which keys on a wider section in the middle of the bait. The deepest part of the bait is also the widest, which creates unmatched body roll while water rolls down the back of the bait causing a big kicking motion by the tail – even when the retrieve is very slow.

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