Gear Review: Omega Genesis Ti

What is it?

Omega Genesis Ti

What sets it apart?

Central to the Genesis Ti design is a strong, flexible titanium wire that can be quickly tuned for maximum action and flexibility, while maintaining its shape and durability. The head design features a concave back, which allows the skirt to flow from inside the head for a natural flare. Dual skirt retention bands hold a skirt and/or a large trailer. The hook shank’s double bait keeper holds trailers in place.

How do I use it?

The Genesis Ti’s arm holds high quality blades, with a Sampo made in the USA swivel giving the top blade maximum action at low speeds. The bottom blade is attached to the wire using a quick-change clevis, which ensures maximum versatility for creating blade combinations on the water. Built with a 5/0 ultra-sharp Mustad hook, the Omega Genesis Ti comes in 1/2- and 1-ounce sizes with three color options. Multiple blade combinations allow anglers to select the precise size and colors.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

How many times have we seen fish turn up their noses at a particular bait, only to snap at a similar presentation in a different color — one that better matches the forage of their fixation? Other times, we face changing water clarity and/or sky conditions, which require a different type of blade flash. Omega offers a wide range of creativity. And with a titanium wire frame, this spinnerbait should withstand the rigors of an active day; whether that’s bumping through wood or a front row seat to bass tongue theater.