Gear Review: LiveTarget Tennessee Craw

What is it?

LiveTarget Tennessee Craw crankbait

What sets it apart?

When it comes to broadly distributed and readily available bass forage, the crawfish holds a pretty high rank. Mimicking these tasty crustaceans available in streams, rivers, reservoirs and natural lakes was LiveTarget’s goal with this highly realistic crankbait that’s anatomically correct, right down to those beady black eyes that face upward in true fleeing craw alignment. A good bet for a wide range of shallow to mid-depth cranking, the bait should be right at home in any rock, shell or woody scenario.

How do I use it?

Built with internal tungsten weights, which enable long casts with essential accuracy, this 2-inch-long lure is available in 12 crawfish-impersonating colors. A pair of No. 5 premium Japanese Kishida hooks that are mechanically welded and chemically sharpened. Optimizing efficiency, the hooks are strategically aligned to prevent tangling on the cast. Made to run true right out of the package, the Tennessee Craw dives quickly and stays in the strike zone longer.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

As always, LiveTarget unleashed its creativity with the Tennessee Craw’s color lineup and the way the rolls during the retrieve shows the fish all angles. Hook strength can be a consideration for smaller crankbaits — will the hardware hold up to the force of a big fish? Looks like LiveTarget did a solid job of equipping this bait with a set of straight-up fish grabbers. The hooks’ Aberdeen style grips and holds securely, even with an airborne smallmouth.