Gear Review: LiveTarget Freestyle Frog

What is it?

Gear Review: LiveTarget Freestyle Frog

What sets it apart?

Leveraging its Injected Core Technology (ICT), LiveTarget has created a dual-purpose frog imitator with an impressively lifelike appearance, long-cast potential and a unique ability to perform well on the surface or below the waterline. Through the ICT process, the lure’s Inner-Core holds a precise frog profile surrounded by an Exo-Skin covering that virtually disappears in the water. The bait’s inner core is significantly smaller than the bait’s overall cubic mass, which means anglers can present a bait with a smaller appearance, but sufficient mass to generate long casts. Moreover, the twin-tail legs are transparent and less noticeable, so fish focus more on the convincing frog profile.

How do I use it?

Texas-rigged on an EWG hook, a high rod posture lets you work the Freestyle Frog over surface vegetation, while pointing the rod tip down makes the frog swim below the surface. A straight retrieve utilizes the legs’ broad flopping action for a sputtering, turbulent display, but this frog is also made for popping and twitching. Available in eight realistic forage-matching colors, the Freestyle Frog comes in 3-, 3 1/2- and 4-inch models.

How much?

$9.99 (2 pack)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

For years, we’ve ascribed to the notion that there’s a time/place for a topwater frog and the same for a soft plastic “buzz” toad. Nothing wrong with that view; LiveTarget simply offers a convenient melding of the two worlds. Pretty cool the LT folks came up with this design through real world observations  — noting that frogs not only spend a lot of time on the water’s surface, but also darting underwater. Beyond the intended Texas-rigged use, I’d like to see how this bait performs as a buzzbait trailer.