Gear Review: KastKing Braid

What is it?

KastKing KastPro

What sets it apart?

This new braided line carries an extremely thin diameter when compared to the break strengths. The line is made in the U.S.A. using premium Spectra fibers. It boast impressive abrasion resistance and minimal stretch after tons of casts or when setting the hook.

How do I use it?

The line maintains its round shape and supple nature, even after hours of use. It works well for a multitude of presentations, and is highly effective on both baitcasting and spinning equipment. It's available in 10-, 15- 20-, 40-, 50-, 65- and 80-pound tests.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

This line is tough, and it is especially thin and sensitive, which is ideal for a quality braided line. The KastPro ensures fast and deep hooksets, and will last through multiple fishing adventures. The line is available in both green or blue colors.