Gear Review: Gene Larew Bass Shooter

What is it?

Gene Larew Bass Shooter System

What sets it apart?

Borrowing a page from the crappie angler’s playbook, Gene Larew created a 3 1/4-inch soft plastic bait with a compact, streamlined form that skips like a stone to reach bass tucked far under docks. The Bass Shooter features a flat back with hook alignment guide, a spear tail for optimal gliding action and a keeled belly for realistic movement. Packaged eight per bag, the bait comes in 10 colors patterned after sunfish and shad — the dominant forage of dock bass.

How do I use it?

Shooting is best with spinning tackle like the 6-11, medium-power Lew’s Mach Speed Stick Dock Sniper, which features an extra-fast tip for zipping that bait into the shadows.

For optimal presentation, Gene Larew created the weighted shank Pinhead Hooks, which allow the bait to flutter and glide, rather than sink with a jighead. Two weight options, 1/8- and 1/16-ounce, are the same size because the former is made of lead, while the latter is made of tin.

How much?

Dock Shooter $4.99

Pinhead Jigs $4.99 (5)

Pull Tabs $4.49 (12)

More Information: 

Angler’s insight:

Protect those fingers from fast moving hooks with the Gene Larew Pull Tabs (not included). Originally created for crappie, these biodegradable tabs slip over the hook point and onto the bend to create a handy grip, similar to an archery release. This Dock Shooting system looks to be a game changer for folks like me who are far better at plinking structures than actually skipping under them. This should prove especially helpful for sneaking into those tight spots like under pontoon boats. This will also serve us well for sending baits under overhanging limbs, through lanes in vertical vegetation (reeds, tules, etc.) and into drain pipes with standing water.