Gear Review: Euro Tackle Z-Viber

What is it?

Euro Tackle Z-Viber

What sets it apart?

The Euro Tackle Z-Viber is the world's smallest lipless crankbait. Coming in at 1-inch in length, it excels in many different situations for many different species – ice fishing, bass, pike, trout, walleye and more. From the finesse model that excels through the ice and for panfish, to the full-size Z-Viber for larger predator fish, Euro Tackle has a Z-Viber for any fish under any circumstances. With four models ranging in weight from 1/16th to 5/8th ounces, all scenarios are covered.

How do I use it?

Tie it on, cast it out and experiment with retrieves. When it's jigged, in ice fishing scenarios or under the tolling motor, it provides a nice tight wobble action when pulled upward, and it will shimmy and shake back down to the bottom. It can be casted and retrieved with a steady reel and will wobble wider. The unique sound provided by the tungsten BBs and the single hook on the smaller Z-Viber will increase the hook up ratio in finesse situations.

How much?


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Anglers Insight:

The Z-Viber is the perfect mix of a small lipless crankbait and a bladebait. The action with little movement of the rod is unreal. The lifelike colors give the bait the extra edge to get more bites. There are several colors available in each model – 13 in the 1/16-ounce, 12 in the1/8-ounce, eight in the 3/8-ounce and six in the 5/8-ounce. Switching between jigging vertically below the boat or casting to cover water, the Z-Viber has you covered.

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