Gear Review: Eagle Claw Trokar TK25 AXS Dropshot Hook

What is it?

Eagle Claw Trokar TK25 AXS Dropshot Hook

What sets it apart?

Eagle Claw Trokar has changed the dropshot game with its new Trokar TK25 AXS hook. There has never been anything like it, and it can bring fishing success to a whole new level. The hook can be tied to any line with a standard knot, but the AXS keeper will ensure the bait remains in place, just as you set it up. One of the common issues with dropshot fishing is that when playing a fish to the boat the bait always seems to be knocked off. The AXS keeper is designed to negate head shakes from big bass and will keep the bait on the hook for more use and less time re-rigging. 

How do I use it?

Available in four different sizes, there is a hook that will fit your finesse dropshot needs. Tie one on, add your favorite finesse bait and set it where you like on the hook. The AXS keeper can be moved anywhere on the hook shank and will remain in place. This is a unique bait presentation that has not been this customizable until now. Even when dead sticked, the bait will remain as placed. Over the course of a day of fishing, it is sure to get more bites. The bait keeper is equipped with Eagle Claw Trokar technology which will hold any type of plastic bait in place. The bait can rotate 360-degrees around the hook without coming unattached. 

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Little innovations happen daily within the fishing industry, but pair this little AXS Keeper with a highly successful Lazer Sharp L6 and Trokar TK 150 dropshot hooks and you will not find a better set up anywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised at how long the bait remained in place even when dropped to depths beyond 30-feet with heavy weights. The keeper is simple to thread on any soft plastic and the movement provided yielded more bites.

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