Gear Review: Doomsday Roku

What is it?

Doomsday Roku, mid-size finesse worms.

What does it do?

It attracts and forces fish to eat when they need a finesse approach.

What sets it apart?

The Doomsday Roku is a new twist on a classic worm design. It’s not a standard fat, heavily salted worm, and it’s not a standard skinny finesse worm. It’s somewhere in the middle and can be used for a multitude of presentations.

How do I use it?

The Roku can be rigged wacky, Texas- and Carolina-rigged, and one of the latest top-secret presentations, the Neko rig. To accomplish that just stick a small finishing nail in the nose and wacky hook it through the “O” of Doomsday Tackle, and fish it like you would a shaky head -- that's the Neko rig. But, don’t overlook rigging it on a shaky head jig, that’ll work well too. It’s 5 1/2 inches long and comes in eight colors.

How much?


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Editor insight:

I’m a finesse worm junky, no question about it. And, with so many options out there, I think it’s good to find what you like and cover all the bases. The Roku offers a finesse worm in a unique size, and the action is pretty tempting. You will love this thing, it’s money.