Gear Review: Dobyns Fury 734C

What is it? 

Dobyns Fury 734C

What sets it apart? 

The Dobyns Fury line was designed to be “sensitive, light, strong, and balanced at an exceptional value.” The Fury 734C casting rod fits that description and more. It measures 7-foot, 3-inches and is a Dobyns 4-power rod – heavy/fast action. The actions are technique-specific making it extremely easy to select a rod.

How do I use it?

The 734C is one of 12 casting rods in the Fury lineup, along with five spinning rods, that covers the vast majority of fishing techniques. The 734C is the workhorse of the casting models and is built to be put to use always and often. The heavy-fast action with backbone is perfect when used to flip jigs and Texas-rigs, but is also flexible enough to throw spinnerbaits and swim jigs. It works with heavy and lighter topwater baits and has the flex and power needed to throw a rattle trap.

How much?


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Anglers Insight:

The Fury 734C is built extremely well, has a good bait keeper, and is light and sensitive for the price. One thing to consider with the rod is although it is a heavy action, it is light and well balanced, which allows for use with baits that fall into the “heavy action” category, but nimble enough to use with other baits such as a football jigs or buzzbaits. Similarly, you can move up slightly and test the rod's capabilities with baits such as horny toads or other topwater frogs, in and around grass and other cover.

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