Gear Review: Do-It Ripper

What is it?

Do-It Ripper

What does it do?

The small 3 1/2-inch fat-body swimbait will produce big results as a stand-alone swimbait, swim jig or vibrating jig trailer. Or, any other combination you can think up. The ribbed body and thin tail material will vibrate and move water at ultra-slow speeds seducing whatever brand of bass is tailling it.

What sets it apart?

The mold is built to work easily with dual coloring, and will kick out two baits per pour. The smaller, yet wider profile is a pattern that bass anglers have been rabidly buying up in recent years, now you can make your own to the specific colors you require. And, who doesn't love catching fish on homemade lures?

How much?


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Editor insight:

The innovation at Do-It Molds just doesn't stop. I can literally think of 10 different ways to rig this bait, and an uncountable numbers of times and locations when it will come in handy. But, if you're like me building a supply of these things is half the fun. The sleek design allows the the bait to dance through the water, even at slower retrieval rates, which makes it a highly versatile lure. I'm in.