Gear Review: Daiwa Zillion 10.0

What is it?

Daiwa Zillion 10.0

What sets it apart?

Ten spool rotations per crank; now that’s cooking. The newest addition to the Zillion lineup packages this insane speed with Daiwa’s exclusive T-Wing System, which allows line to flow freely through the “T” aperture on the cast and then drop into a lower channel for even spool distribution. The Zillion 10.0 also features the Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag (UTD) with oversized carbon drag washers for maximum fish stopping power; along with a swept handle, which moves the paddles closer to the rod's centerline to minimize rod/reel wobble and effectively channel energy for a more powerful retrieve.

How do I use it?

Built with a lightweight, comfortable and durable vision, the Zilllion 10.0 includes Daiwa’s signature G1 Duraluminum SV Spool, which is perfectly balanced for long casts. This unique free-floating spool rests independently on precision, stainless steel ball bearings, and because the pinion rides its own separate shaft, the spool spins freely, without gear train friction when casting. Further, the Zillion 10.0’s gears are housed in a frame with G1 Duraluminum side plates, which ensures precise alignment and longevity.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

That blistering speed will come in handy for burning lipless baits, spinnerbaits, etc., in those fast-paced sprints intended to force fish into making quick decisions. From prespawners roaming throughout shallow vegetation, to fish targeting the fleet-footed blueback herring, speed is your friend. Also, the ability to quickly gather line will benefit frogging and other topwater deals where quickly winding up slack for a targeted shot can prove vital. And when you hook a stout one way back in cover, the ability to turn that handle and make big progress is golden.

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