Gear Review: Costa Freedom Series

What is it?

Costa Freedom Series

What sets it apart?

Costa’s new Freedom Series displays the brand’s partnership with Freedom Fighter Outdoors, a Florida-based 501C3 nonprofit organization that helps veterans enjoy time on the water and participate in various outdoor activities. In celebration of Veterans Day, Costa released a short film, “How Water Holds Us Up,” which featured several veterans participating in an FFO event and explaining the healing nature of being on the water.

How do I use it?

Costa’s Freedom series includes 16 frame styles from performance and lifestyle categories. Each style reflects patriotic themes and features unique colors, including Matte Freedom Fade, Matte USA Red, Shiny American Sky and Matte Blue Firework. Extending the theme, Costa adds small flag-inspired accents such as logo decals and temple designs embedded into some of the frames. Complementing the aesthetics, Costa 580 lens technology (Lightwave glass and impact-resistant polycarbonate options) provides 100% UV protection and polarization.

How much?

$179 to $279

More Information

Angler’s insight:

Costa’s reputation for making high-quality glasses that diligently protects the user’s eyes seems appropriately metaphoric for its relationship with an organization committed to serving those who’ve sacrificed greatly in the service and protection of this country. FFO events create a venue through which injured veterans can assist one another by participating in teamwork-based outdoor recreational activities. Honoring these veterans with a series of patriotic designs allows consumers to show their support as well.