Gear Review: Bubba Carbon Fiber Net

What is it?  

Bubba Carbon Fiber Fishing Net 

What sets it apart?  

The all-new Bubba Fishing Net is ready to help you land your next trophy fish. It has a 75-pound rating so you can scoop muskies and even big bull redfish. The hoop of this net is made of aerospace aluminum so it is lightweight and will withstand whatever adverse conditions you can throw at it. The knotless PVC netting protects your fish from unnecessary wear and tear and allows it to slip through the water with ease. The yoke is made of diecast aluminum black chrome so it will last through years of saltwater and freshwater abuse. Top it all off with the iconic Bubba non-slip grip so you can wrangle anything you scoop with it. 

How do I use it?  

Available in three different sizes, this new Bubba net has you covered for all types and sizes of fish. Use the small size for scooping panfish and crappie, the medium for bass, and the large for big pike, catfish and redfish. No matter what you put in this net, you'll have confidence that the durable construction and non-slip grip will ensure that you get your trophy in the boat. 

How much?  

$99.99 - $147.99 

More Information:

Anglers Insight: 

You and your fishing buddies are sure to fall in love with this net. From the first time you make a quick jab through the water to get that feisty smallmouth, you’ll be in love. The low drag netting and super light design are gamechangers. Grab one of these next and put that next trophy in the boat with ease.

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