Gear Review: BioSpawn Vile Craw

What is it?

BioSpawn Vile Craw

What sets it apart?

Extending BioSpawn’s family of genetically engineered baits, the 4-inch VileCraw looks to be one of the more versatile craws on the market. With a body molded to match the crawfish profile, the VileCraw includes an ample hook slot that should yield fewer snags and better hook-sets. A patented ridged claw design creates tremendous kicking action, while a paddle tail with a center antennae responds to any stimulus with maximum motion. Like all BioSpawn baits, the VileCraw includes Bioscent (a blend of anise, amino acids and fish oils), which masks human smell and keeps fish holding on longer.

How do I use it?

Fish Vile Craw Texas rigged for flipping, pitching or punching presentations; or unweighted for a slower fall through sparse cover like gaps in reeds or tules. Also rig it as a flipping jig trailer or drag it on a Carolina rig. Additionally, the Vile Craw fits well as a swim jig trailer, while rigging it on a wide gap swimbait hook allows you to create a horizontal or gliding action on the fall.

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Angler’s insight:

Sinister name notwithstanding, this looks like a real utility player. Cool tips from BioSpawn: Clip out that center antennae for a more traditional craw look and a slimmer profile. Conversely, keeping the antennae, but removing the claws yields an interesting little finesse bait that kind looks like a wet rat. I’d separate the tail segments from that center antennae for a more active presentation and swim it over hydrilla or pads where those ridged claws kick and sputter like a buzz toad.