Gear Review: BioSpawn PlasmaTail

What is it?

BioSpawn PlasmaTail

What sets it apart?

The 4 1/2-inch finesse worm was designed for drop shotting and other finesse techniques, but the shape and design of the bait is what really makes it stand out. There is also a 6 1/2-inch version that can be used under a multitude of techniques as well. The brightly colored tip will help finicky bass finish the job.

How do I use it?

Both sizes can be used as a drop shot, Texas and Carolina rig and even on a shaky head.

How much?


More Information:

Angler’s insight:

This little worm will produce big results. The slender tail design is ideal for slow-moving presentations, especially on a drop shot. It takes little effort to add life to the bait making it extremely productive when the fish are in a negative mood. I love these things!