Gear Review: Anglr Bullseye

What is it?

Anglr Bullseye

What sets it apart?

Tech company Anglr recently released fishing trip tracking system using Bullseye — Bluetooth-enabled button that can be worn on a neck lanyard or affixed to a boat. Bringing data collection to your fingertip, Bullseye allows users to record relevant fishing details with the click of a finger. No need to access navigation displays, logbooks or mobile devices; this system removes the guesswork and builds fishing intelligence without interrupting the fishing experience. Lightweight and weatherproof, the Bullseye boasts a two-year battery life for reliable recording.

How do I use it?

Once connected to the free Anglr app (Apple Store or Google Play), users can capture key fishing data. One click for catch locations and weather, water and other key details; two clicks marks a waypoint at the user’s current location. Recorded trips, statistics and coordinates are accessible through user profiles with no cellular data required. Each click helps the Anglr app establish trends and patterns based on lunar, solar, meteorological and geographic data. All data is stored securely and users can chose to keep the default privacy setting or share their records with the Anglr online community.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

This innovative product could serve anglers at all levels, but I’m thinking your small boaters, kayakers and canoe anglers will benefit from this data capturing device when large scale electronics may not be part of the program. Bank fishermen? Yep, it looks like a good step toward dialing in some consistency. I’m thinking this is also a less intimidating way of teaching kids or any new angler about the relevant conditions without overwhelming them with modern fish finders until they’re ready.