Fishing Kids: Inspire the next generation


What is it?

Fishing Kids gear.

What does it do?

Hopefully it’ll entertain and inspire youngsters to want to hit the water through stories, toys, games and other fishing gear.

Why do I need it?

To get your little angler or anglers out there with you and inspire the next generation of fisherfolks.

How do I use it?

Depends on what you get. Read the books, suit your child up with fishing gear with the apparel or give ’em a toy you would have like to have had as a kid: fishing action figures.

What sets it apart?

Fishing Kids is an entire line of products for children — and their parents — who want to fish or may be interested in fishing. The books are inspiring and educational, the apparel is perfect to get young anglers in the fishing mood, and the toys complement the books very well. The main characters are Spinner and Bobber.

How much?

Variable. Currently, there’s a free book offer; simply pay shipping and handling.

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