Go Gear Up For The Holidays

Welcome to the ultimate holiday gift guide for anyone who loves to spend time outside. Our Go Out{side} Ambassadors shared their favorite products so you can pick the perfect gift. We have everything divided by categories but some items are good for more than one so look for the {plus} suggestions at the end of each.

Go {Camp}

Photo: Allyson Schulte

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Anyone who spends time sleeping in a tent knows the struggle of sitting at camp with a dwindling phone battery. It’s never ideal trying to limit your phone use to extend the battery life, having to prioritize which devices to charge first or balancing how much and when each thing can be charged, depending on your limited power setup. Give the gift of power this year with the Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station. This portable power station features one AC outlet, two USB ports and one DC car port, making it the ideal setup to charge and power multiple devices at the same time. With one full charge of the Jackery Explorer 240, you can get up to 24 iPhone charges! But the Jackery can handle more than just your basic mobile device charging needs and really is the ultimate solution for power on the go. Upgrade your camping setup with the ability to power a laptop, fans, lights, a TV and more. The handle makes it easy to carry and transport, and the device is easy to use and operate. You can recharge the Explorer 240 using a car or wall outlet, or you can separately purchase the SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel for true off-the-grid power. ($219.99) jackery.com
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Bassmaster 1/4-Zip Performance Pullover

Are you a Bassmaster fan? Snag this Bassmaster 1/4-Zip Performance Pullover today to add an extra layer of warmth to your wardrobe. This lightweight, long-sleeve top in royal blue is the perfect option to wear all year long, around the campfire or around town! ($54.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Photo: Allyson Schulte

For the person who loves camping and being outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket. These blankets feature a DWR finish, making them stain and water repellent, and every blanket is made out of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. There are about 60 recycled plastic bottles used to make each one-person blanket! Rumpl blankets are durable, lightweight, packable, easy to clean and multifunctional. Cozy up in your camp chair, connect the Cape Clip for hands-free use or take a seat on your new favorite picnic blanket. Bring them in the dirt or sand without any stress because just a quick shake in the wind will make it all fall off. The blanket also comes with a water-resistant stuff sack for storage. This is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear setup. ($99-$129) rumpl.com

Thule Approach M Rooftop Tent

Get away from all the crowds and explore the outdoors while still sleeping comfortably in the new Approach M from Thule. A rooftop tent that fits on a wide variety of vehicles, this product can be set up in under five minutes. The dome shape gives it more room along with panoramic windows that allow for more light, visibility on clear nights and letting the breeze come through to keep you cool. The rain fly has three modes: heavy rain for those big storms, rain protection so you can still see out of the windows and ready-to-deploy mode for when it’s nice and sunny. Inside there are plenty of mesh pockets for lights, books and phones. The mattress attaches to the base with Velcro and has a removable cover. While Thule touts this as a two- to three-person tent, it is really best for two adults and one child, or your dog if it can climb ladders. While certainly not what you would call “inexpensive,” this tent provides a way to have some comfort while you travel to those remote spots you’ve always dreamed of. ($2,799.95) thule.com
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Kelty Backroads Shelter

Hanging out at the campsite or back at the car after a fun adventure can be ruined if you’re baking in the sun or being pelted by rain. The Backroads Shelter from Kelty is an easy to set up shelter that attaches to your vehicle, whether it’s an SUV, truck, van or hatchback. Using only three poles, setup is simple, and the shelter attaches to the rear or side of your vehicle. The walls are highly adjustable, so you can stake it out for maximum privacy or maximum ventilation. The large, D-shaped door offers easy entry for your whole crew. When it’s time to break down and go, the shelter fits in a small duffle and weighs in at just under 12 pounds. Take this “room in a bag” with you on your next adventure and make your vehicle the place to be. ($169.95) kelty.com

Magical Flames Color Packets

Just when you thought fires couldn’t be more entertaining, along come Magical Flames color packets. Once your wood fire is steadily burning, just toss a packet or two onto the wood and watch the flames begin to change colors in seconds. The fire will engulf the packet, so there is no cleanup, making it perfect entertainment for a camping trip. Magical Flames come in a wide variety of colors, including Cosmic Flames, Ultimate Flames and even red and green Holiday Flames. According to the website, you can cook over Magical Flames but there is a slight odor. You may want to finish roasting marshmallows prior to throwing Magical Flames in the fire. ($13.99-$28.99) amazon.com

Kelty Loveseat

No need to look any further than the Kelty Loveseat for the perfect camping chair. Whether you are sharing it with your partner, your child or your dog, it is the best chair for a cozy night by the campfire. Kelty is a well-known name in the outdoors community, and this chair falls in line with its great reputation. It is built to last with a sturdy yet lightweight frame and a durable fabric seat. It comes in two heights, the loveseat and the low loveseat, giving you options based on your height and lounging preference. Both sizes are customizable with adjustable armrests and two movable cup holders per side. It comes in a convenient carrying case that is easy to set up and tear down; it also makes it easy to take everywhere and anywhere. This chair is also great for summer nights in the backyard, kids’ sporting events, tailgating, sunny ski days, picnics and so much more! ($139.95) kelty.com

Outdoor Kids in an Inside World by Steven Rinella

Outdoor Kids in an Inside World by Steven Rinella gives a great foundation for any parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who wants to raise a generation with an appreciation for nature. The author does a good job of making kids aware of nature, even if you live in a concrete jungle. Raising children who love the outdoors is a tough task with the instant gratification of digital entertainment. The author does not suggest making kids quit electronics, knowing that it will be a vital part of their future careers. Instead, he explains connection to the land through gardening, foraging, fishing and hunting. Outdoor Kids in an Inside World will give the reader a solid foundation and mindset for introducing kids to outdoor pursuits. This book can’t guarantee that your kids will love outdoor hobbies, but it gives a blueprint to teach kids connection to the land even if they don’t end up crazy outdoor-adventure maniacs. This book is perfect for any family member wanting to introduce children to the outdoors. ($17.09) amazon.com

Eagle Creek Pack-It Gear Protect-It Cube

Some gear needs just that little bit of extra protection from wayward baggage handlers, long car rides or treks to your favorite spot. The Protect-It Cube is part of Eagle Creek’s Pack-It line; the Protect-It uses a durable poly twill fabric and TPU coating to keep what’s inside safe and keep water out. The large size has around 13 liters of volume and is perfect for your camera, electronics or anything you don’t want to get harmed along the way. The small size is about half the size and is more suited for smaller items or as a toiletry kit. Both sizes feature an internal mesh pocket and external loops so you can attach it inside a larger bag. The medium size adds internal dividers for an extra layer of security. These cubes are the perfect addition to your quiver of travel bags. (Small: $50, medium: $60) eaglecreek.com
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Education Outdoors Camp Board Game

The name of this game says it all about why it is perfect for bringing to play on a camping trip. The object of this game is to get to camp first by answering questions correctly. Four sets of questions for two to eight players ages 4 years and up mean that they can challenge everyone, from the know-it-all uncle to the littlest campers. Topics range from state birds to general outdoors knowledge, and from identifying animals from photos for younger players to facts about the national parks. Look for additional sets of question cards and a smaller travel version, too. You can also find a similar version called Fishing Camp that is all fishing related. ($30) educationoutdoors.net

Alps Mountaineering Simmer Chair

The Simmer Chair from Alps Mountaineering is a simple and affordable chair that goes from the campsite to the soccer game with ease. The ventilated ripstop fabric lets you cool down after a hard day while providing enough support to keep you comfortable. The steel frame means a lifetime of use and comes in blue, orange or tan. Packed into its carrying case, the Simmer Chair is easy to bring anywhere you go where a leisurely resting spot is needed. ($59.99) alpsmountaineering.com

Lepro LE LED Camping Lantern

This powerful, 1,000-lumen lantern is perfect for any outdoor activity, whether it’s camping, fishing, survival or at-home activities when you need to work in the dark. This superbright lantern has four light modes and is also waterproof. This lantern also has a removable cap, so you can hang it upside down for camping, snowstorms, emergency usage or other outdoor activities. ($25.99) lepro.com
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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3

Whether you are backpacking solo or with a group of up to five, the Big Agnes Copper Spur offers a place to rest your head. Available in various sizes, there is a version for one to five travelers. The Copper Spur HV UL3 is the perfect size for a group of three (with maybe a bit of room for a small pup). Tremendously lightweight at under 3 pounds, this tent will keep you comfortable in the backcountry. Sit up in the tent with 43 inches of head room to relax, read or play games. Two doors with dual, easy-to-grip zippers and two vestibules make getting in and out easy. A well-designed interior with a 3D bin mezzanine features gear lofts for technology storage, headlamps, books and more. The vestibule is perfect for just a bit more space and coverage for hiking boots and more. We love the reflective guylines to prevent tripping when you head into the tent for the night. Most sizes are also available with mtnGLO Tent Light Technology with integrated LED lights to illuminate the interior of your tent for an additional charge. Separate accessories include a tent-specific footprint and a rainfly that covers the vestibule. Offering models in olive green and orange, Big Agnes gives you the option to pick the perfect-size tent for your personal or family backcountry endeavors. ($599.95) bigagnes.com
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Fanttik X8 Apex Tire Inflator

Whether you love off-roading, are an avid biker or simply like long drives to admire the views, the Fanttik X8 Apex Tire Inflator is a must-have item in your car. It is small and lightweight, compared to most other tire inflators, so it is easy to always have with you. It has four inflation settings: car, bicycle, motorcycle and balls. This product has a built-in high-performance system that allows it to inflate tires quickly, taking only 20 seconds to inflate a bike tire and five minutes for one car tire. It also has a powerful battery life and can inflate four car tires on a single charge. Safety and reliability also have been prioritized with this product; it can automatically detect the tire pressure before inflation and monitor it during inflation so that it cuts off once it reaches the level you set it to. Bonus features include an LED light and a USB-C port that can serve as an emergency phone charger. ($129.97) fanttik.com
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VOITED Indoor/Outdoor Blanket

Who doesn’t love hanging out by a good campfire? The best campfire nights tend to be on the chilly side, so if you’re looking for an extra layer of warmth that’s perfect for spending time outside, look no further than VOITED blankets. VOITED blankets are made for a life lived outside and are perfect for fireside chats, impromptu picnics and stargazing. There are several offerings, including Ripstop, Ripstop Travel, CloudTouch, Fleece and Mini Traveler. Committed to using eco-friendly and recycled materials for its products, VOITED designs its blankets so they are not only comfortable and well performing, but friendly for the environment as well — something all outdoor enthusiasts can get behind. With a water-resistant layer and soft fleece linings, VOITED blankets are machine washable and thrive outdoors. And with the multitude of colors and patterns offered in each style, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find a blanket that suits the outdoors lover in your life. Several of the blankets are multifunctional and can be converted into a pillow and have built-in snaps to be worn as a cape or used as a sleep sack. The pet versions even have a soft-shell water bowl stashed in a hidden pocket! ($79-$125) voited.com
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Go {cook}

CHARD 8-Tray Stainless Steel Digital Dehydrator

Another item that is very important seasonally is a dehydrator. Whether it is your favorite meats, vegetables, herbs or fruits, the CHARD 8-Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator has an easy-to-use LED digital display that makes it easy to choose the proper time and temperature for whatever you’re preparing. During hunting season, harvested wild meats — or fresh local beef any season — are the perfect snack to take along on any outdoor adventure. It has eight stainless steel mesh trays with more than 1,300 square inches of drying space. The large, centrally located fan blows evenly heated air in all directions, while the clear, tempered-glass door provides easy viewing and the magnetic closure ensures proper heat retention. It comes with a nonstick drip sheet that catches dripping liquid for easy cleanup. Around the holidays, preserved fruits make a great addition to your dinner table decorations or work as easy-to-make ornaments for the Christmas tree or as gifts. ($269.99) chardproducts.com

Blackstone Products Pizza Oven Conversion Kit

Blackstone griddles are no strangers to those in the RV world. Just take a walk through any campground or RV park and you’ll see them outside of many of the campers there. That is, if your nose doesn’t tell you first. Blackstones are known for cooking anything and everything, from breakfast to dinner, and cooking it right! Now with the new pizza oven conversion kit, “anything and everything” includes pizza that gets cooked on BOTH sides! The pizza oven conversion kit fits on almost all of Blackstone’s 22-inch griddles and opens up a whole new world of culinary options. With its patented two-stone technology, there are pizza stones on the bottom and the top of the oven that radiate heat into your food on all sides, creating an amazing cooking experience! The heat-retaining front door keeps the heat on the inside, and the silicone-grip handles make for easy portability. It also has a built-in temperature gauge, so you can dial in your perfect cooking temperature. You can actually cook a pizza in as little as six minutes. That’s a good thing when there are a lot of hungry campers around! ($229) blackstoneproducts.com

Breeo Y Series Portable Smokeless Firepit

Breeo built the first smokeless firepit in 2011 and has continued to design and build innovative ways to enjoy sitting around a live fire. Whether it’s just hanging out with friends and family or cooking a feast, Breeo has firepits, furniture and accessories that fit the bill, no matter where you live. The latest and greatest, especially for those on the go, is the Y Series. The Y Series is designed for portability and allows you the freedom to travel, cook or just relax around a smokeless fire anywhere, anytime. The Y Series weighs in at 31 pounds and has a built-in carrying handle. While a wood fire is always my first choice, you now have the freedom to use charcoal or pellets as well. One of my favorite new features is the leg adjustment setting for cooking. This allows you to grill and cook at a comfortable height so you are not hunched over or kneeling while cooking. Another cool addition to the Y Series is the built-in heat shield, which allows you to fire it up on various surfaces and leave no trace. You can now use this firepit on decks, wood chips, natural stone, brick and asphalt without any other accessories. ($495) breeo.co

Outdoor Gourmet 19-Piece BBQ Tool Set

For a quick and easy tool set to take on a camping trip or as a go-to kit for all home cooking, fire up the grill in style with the Outdoor Gourmet 19-Piece BBQ Tool Set, designed to make cooking easy. Packed with all the utensils one might need for any grilling situation, the kit comes secure in a convenient, portable carrying case to make sure things are neat and organized at all times. The kit includes a spatula, 15-inch locking tongs, eight corn-on-the-cob holders, a knife, four skewers, a grill scraper/brush, a basting brush and a digital thermometer. Even better, all the tools are made from stainless steel and feature wooden handles to ensure your tools last from season to season. ($19.99) academy.com

NESCO Deluxe Vacuum Sealer – VS-09

For someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors, a vacuum sealer is something that may seem like it’s not important — that is, until it’s needed. Regardless of the activity or season, there is usually a use for sealing fish, meats or other preservable items. The NESCO Deluxe Vacuum Sealer – VS-09 offers all the versatility and performance you could ever need from a vacuum sealer, and it offers fully automatic, one-touch operation with automatic shutoff, making it supereasy to use. This sealer ensures maximum air extraction when sealing dry and moist food items, and the pulse vacuum function allows you to seal delicate items like pastries, buns or fresh vegetables. The easy-lock handle makes one-handed operation smooth and easy, and it can accommodate up to an 11.8-inch-wide bag, providing the versatility needed for sealing a variety of items. Sealers keep food fresh up to five times longer than traditional bagging, and why wouldn’t you want to keep the fresh wild game or fresh fish safe for future eating? ($79.99) nesco.com

RightOnTrek Adventure Meals

How does a gourmet meal at the campsite sound? Whether you crave breakfast, lunch or dinner, RightOnTrek meals have your caloric and taste bud needs in mind. The company has a large selection of backpack meals, even for those with dietary and allergy restrictions, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan/vegetarian and keto. Coconut granola, backcountry chili, pad thai and grits are a few of the quick-cooking selections. Kid-friendly meals are also available, including bechamel mac and cheese and banana bread oatmeal. Tasty meals come in sizes fit to feed one, two or four people. Backpackers can also create meal kits that contain one day of provisions, including snacks and drinks. Each meal takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, and most just require adding boiling water. Head to the website to help plan your next adventure, whether hiking or backpacking. (Meals start at $6.49) rightontrek.com
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RUNCL Fishing Fillet Knife

This incredibly sharp fillet knife by RUNCL comes in a 6-, 7- or 9-inch stainless steel blade. The blade has a black coating that is anti-rust and anti-corrosion and will last in saltwater and freshwater. One of the coolest features on this fillet knife is the nonslip golf-style rubber handle that will allow you to fillet fish in any conditions. ($15.99-$22.99) runcl.com
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Go {Explore}

Salewa Mountain Trainer Waterproof Kids’ Shoe

Are you looking to take your little hiker on longer-distance hikes in varied terrain? The Mountain Trainer Waterproof Kids’ Shoe is the perfect shoe to do just that. These rugged trainers do awesome on any terrain, even if you get caught in a storm or need to tackle some water crossings with the waterproof inner membrane. You won’t hear your hiker complain that their shoes are too heavy or that their feet hurt on a hike as these shoes only weigh 265 grams and provide a high level of cushion with an Ortholite footbed. Outdoor Compound (OC) rubber gives excellent traction on loose or steep trails. The quick-lace system keeps shoes at the right level of tightness and will keep you from having to stop due to laces that won’t stay tied. These shoes are unisex, so they can be passed down to new adventurers when outgrown. ($89.95) salewa.com
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Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Tactical Waist Pack

Be ready for anything with the Bassmaster Tactical Waist Pack. With multiple pockets, you’ll be able to keep your essentials close by whether you’re hiking, fishing or just like to be prepared in everyday life. This makes a great gift for the outdoors lover in your life! ($79.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Rocky Talkie

Communication is a key element to staying safe while adventuring outdoors. Getting lost or separated can be stressful at best and dangerous at worst. The Rocky Talkie is designed to keep you in touch with your group in the most difficult of conditions. With a maximum range of 25 miles on flat terrain and 1 to 5 miles in the mountains, it all but ensures your friends will hear you when you need them. Combined with a three-day battery life, even in cold temperatures, it won’t leave you stranded without power. It is designed with only five buttons to be user-friendly but has cool features like privacy codes for those transmissions that need to stay top secret (like where you left the beer). Because the Rocky Talkie is used in tough environments, it is built with an LED screen that is shatterproof and has a tough, thermoplastic cover. Rather than a cheap plastic clip, it uses a small carabiner to clip to your gear. So whether you are going to be out on a large expedition, skiing with friends or just want some peace of mind, the Rocky Talkie has you covered. ($220 for pair) rockytalkie.com
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REI Co-op Kids’ Tarn Trekking Poles

For longer days on the trail with little ones, check out these trekking poles designed specifically for kids. The trekking poles feature handles with a smaller diameter for smaller hands and are fully adjustable so they can grow as your child does. These trekking poles are an appropriate height for most elementary school-aged children. ($54.95) rei.com

Acoway Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Have you been thinking about trying paddle boarding but don’t want to invest a lot of money into a new hobby before trying it? Acoway’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great entry-level paddle board with a very affordable price tag. It is 10 feet, 6 inches long when it inflates, but can deflate and fold into a carrying bag, weighing 22 pounds total. It is made of a high-quality and durable PVC and mesh material but features a nonslip traction pad to stand on for increased balance and stability. It holds up to 400 pounds when fully inflated. This means you can try your new hobby with your partner, child or dog! This inflatable paddle board comes with a detachable bottom steering fin, an adjustable paddle, a carrying handle, a safety leash, a manual pump and a repair kit. With the efficient manual pump, it inflates in about 5 to 7 minutes. ($299) acoway.com

Amphipod Vizlet Flash Mini Flashing Magnetic Reflectors

Having fun outside doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. But in many situations, you will want to make sure you can be seen, or see others, when it gets dark. Enjoy going on a late evening run? Decide to extend your hike a mile or two into dusk? Or maybe you’re up before the sun and getting an early start on that fishing trip. If your pre- or post-daylight activities have you in situations where you don’t want to blend in to the night, Amphipod Vizlet LED wearable lights are exactly what you need! They may be small, but they offer multiple ways to keep you visible in low-light conditions. They come in several shapes and neon colors and are made out of highly reflective material. And if that wasn’t enough, each one has a red LED strobe light for maximum visibility. They attach to your shoes, clothing or gear with magnets and turn on with the simple press of a button. So, if you’re running on the road and want motorists to see you, attach several of these to yourself and worry not. Keep track of your kid at the campground after dark by putting these lights on their shoes for an easy-to-see beacon! Stash a few in your gear bag just in case of emergencies. Amphipod Vizlet wearable lights would be a great stocking stuffer gift, too, especially for your loved ones who enjoy the outdoors! ($17) amphipod.com
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Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

Hiking with a large pack or any cumbersome gear has a tendency to throw you off balance, which isn’t ideal. Thankfully, the aptly named Trail Trekking Poles from Black Diamond will help keep you upright and moving forward. Their FlipLock technology and three-section design let you adjust the length from 39 to 55 inches to fit a wide range of people. Fully collapsed, they measure just 25 inches long, allowing them to be stashed neatly alongside your pack or in the back of the car. Weighing in at just over 1 pound, they won’t add to your overall load and offer a nice swing weight while moving. Made from tried-and-true 7075 aluminum along with EVA foam grips, they are well made and fit nicely in your hand. Black Diamond includes trekking and snow baskets so you can use them year-round. ($119.95) blackdiamondequipment.com
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Magellan Outdoors Women’s Lost Pines Stretch Travel Pants

I have had my pair of Magellan Outdoors Women’s Lost Pines Travel Pants for over a year, and they are as good today as they were the first day I brought them home. I picked out these pants specifically because they were advertised to have a water-repellent finish. I’ve worn them out on my kayak more times than I can count, and I can attest to their waterproof nature. Even though I initially only bought them to kayak in, I’ve been able to use these pants for so many of my outdoor adventures. They are constructed with “flex technology,” making them incredibly flexible, which makes them great for hiking, biking and kayaking, just to name a few activities. These pants are lightweight, which makes them great for wearing throughout the year — even in the dog days of summer, to keep the sun off of your legs without making you too warm. They are designed with four pockets, and the two front pockets have zippers to keep your belongings secure while on the go. ($24.99) academy.com
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Pelican Kayak And SUP Storage Straps

If you’re searching for a storage system for your kayak or stand-up paddle board, Pelican has a secure and affordable option for you. Pelican’s storage strap system provides a compact storage solution and can store up to two watercrafts. Each strap is rated to hold 100 pounds, so overall the pair of straps can hold 200 pounds. The straps are fully adjustable to fit kayaks and paddleboards of any shape and size. These straps are also made of a long-lasting material and have a special coating to ensure they remain durable whether they are stored indoors or outdoors. Each strap comes with a Velcro loop for convenient hanging of the kayak paddles. I have had my storage system in my garage for two years, and it has been such a game changer to get my kayak off the ground and out of the way when not in use. ($40.99) pelicansport.com

Contour Kids StartUp Set

Instead of just raving about your backcountry adventure, bring your kids along to experience it themselves. Whether you want to skin up the mountain to catch first tracks or skin into a yurt or hut, the Contour Kids StartUp Set can help you do just that. The kit adapts your powder hound’s alpine skis into a backcountry/uphill setup. Adjusting to free-heels is simple by popping the lightweight adapter into alpine bindings. Simply remove the adapters for the descent. The kit works for boot sole lengths from 245 to 305 mm. Get the complete kit for skins that can be cut to fit skis up to 140 cm long. The kit is lightweight (adapters weigh less than 2 pounds) to fit easily into a pack for the descent. Take your shredders on your next ski tour to experience the fun of telemark skiing right alongside you. ($239.95) skimo.co

Sitka Heavyweight Hoody

Sitka offers more than just hunting clothing; it has a system designed to provide performance and comfort under the harshest of conditions. The Sitka Heavyweight Hoody is the outdoor enthusiast’s dream for early- and late-season activity, with a versatile midlayer fleece designed with a unique waffle construction to accelerate the movement of sweat through the system, preventing buildup you find with standard fleece performance gear. Designed as a midlayer performance and general activity piece, the hoodie works as an extension of your base layer for cold-weather hunting situations or can be worn as outerwear for active, midseason days. The channeled comfort-stretch fleece insulation retains core warmth while allowing moisture to rapidly move through the system. The channel insulation provides all the warmth needed for cooler weather, and the Polygiene odor control keeps you scent-free in the woods. It is available in multiple sizes and lifestyle colors and two camo patterns for hunting. ($159) sitkagear.com

Bassmaster Classic Flash Forward Windbreaker

Stay protected from the wind while repping that Bassmaster pride with the Bassmaster Classic Flash Forward Windbreaker. This jacket is perfect for those windy days on the water and is a great gift for any outdoorsman. ($76.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Mystery Ranch Women’s Scree 32 Daypack

The 2.8-pound, 32-liter Women’s Scree 32 daypack from Mystery Ranch is the perfect pack for a full-day adventure or an overnight or two. Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant Robic nylon fabric means this pack can handle rugged adventures, from snowshoeing and climbing to hut trips and backpack overnights. The spacious and easy-to-access lid pocket allows for quick layer access or a place to store layers that have been removed. An additional small pocket on the lid is a great place to keep that stuffed animal your adventure partner can’t leave home without. The three-zip panel design allows for easy packing and unpacking to carry the essentials for wherever adventure takes you. The adjustable, women-specific Futura Yoke enables wearers to tighten the pack for heavier loads. Torso length can be changed to make this pack fit various sizes of wearers, including children through adults. Front and side compression straps along with padded shoulder straps and an adjustable (and removable) waistband make it easy to adjust the pack for more comfort. A mesh back panel helps keep sweat away. Throw in a hydration pack to use with the built-in hydration port, or use one of the well-placed water bottle pockets to carry water. The waistbelt pockets are perfect for storing snacks, lip protection and more. Tool loops allow for additional gear carrying. ($209) mysteryranch.com
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Atlas Spark Youth Snowshoes

The Atlas Spark Youth Snowshoes are new for 2023 and are a fun gift to encourage outdoor adventure even during the snowy months. Just because these are youth snowshoes doesn’t mean you are sacrificing features or performance. Heel cleats and toe crampons ensure safety along the trail, whether it be powdery or icy. The V-frame helps them float even in deep snow. The easy-to-use binding means kids can get their snowshoes on and off without help. Tightening and loosening are simple with a heel and forefoot strap for a comfortable performance fit. The Grom binding snugs the foot to prevent slippage. The 20-inch size is good for snowshoers who weigh 50 to 120 pounds, so these snowshoes can be used for many years and passed down to others. The Sparks come in two colors, blue and purple, to bring a splash of color to the trail. ($89.95) atlassnowshoe.com
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FHF Gear Chest Rig

The FHF Gear Chest Rig is the most convenient outdoor storage solution for any adventure. Whether you’re touring an aquarium, fishing a local lake or hiking your favorite trail, the Chest Rig keeps all your essential items readily available. Originally made with hunting and fishing in mind, this product switches seamlessly to the ultimate family adventure accessory. FHF offers many ways to customize the pack. Extra storage and organization can be added easily with Molle attachments. The fishing kit is useful to keep your gear close and organized without having to take a sling bag off or carrying around a tacklebox. Most importantly, if you are hiking in bear country, there is a bear spray holder that keeps the bear spray in a spot that is easier to access than a belt loop or within your backpack. The FHF Gear Chest Rig will be a favorite addition to any adventure, whether afield, afloat or on a hike. ($120) fhfgear.com

Revolution Race Summit Leggings

The struggle to find leggings that fit well, look good and are warm enough for winter is a big one. Most female hikers understand the pain of trying to find hiking pants that hit all of the above points, and I am here to tell you that Revolution Race Summit Leggings are what you need. These leggings combine the fit of leggings with the breathability, strength and warmth of traditional hiking pants. They are made of a stretchy yet durable material, so they are comfortable and functional for hiking in all conditions. The fabric is slightly stiffer and more rugged on the knees, lower legs and seat to provide extra protection on the areas that take the most impact while hiking. The ankles have a zipper, making the opening size adjustable depending on your sock choice. They also have pockets on both outer thighs big enough to fit your phone. These pockets are strong yet sleek; I forget my phone is in there! All around, these are the best hiking pants I have tried. ($79) revolutionrace.com
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Wilderdog Utility Pack

This one is for all of the dog lovers out there! No more trying to cram your phone, keys, poop bags and treats into whatever pockets you have — instead, look to upgrade to the Wilderdog Utility Pack. I’ve owned this hip pack for over a year, and now I seriously don’t know how I ever managed to leave my house without it. For walks around the neighborhood or longer days on the trail, the Wilderdog Utility Pack has space to store everything you need for your adventure. I typically keep my pack stocked with an extra leash in case of emergency, poop bags and over a cupsful of treats, and I am still able to easily fit my phone, keys and wallet as well. This pack includes three separate zippered compartments with approximately 2.5 liters of total capacity, and stitched-webbing front attachment points for carabiners, bowls or other accessories. The material is a vegan, durable, water-resistant cotton/poly blend, and this product is backed by Wilderdog’s lifetime warranty. ($36) wilderdog.com
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SealLine Dry Bags

Whether you are cycling, camping, kayaking or hiking, there is one piece of equipment everyone can agree on: dry bags. Dry bags provide a watertight seal to help protect the contents within. SealLine is known for “welding” its materials together, making a stronger and more waterproof seam than other bags that have their seams sewn together. They are lightweight but made of a sturdy material that can withstand thorns on land and rough rocks in water without breaking. Dry bags come in all sorts of sizes to suit different situations and requirements of the user. I find the 5-liter bag is perfect to strap into my kayak to hold my phone, fishing license and a towel (just in case I take a tumble). In the past I have also used the 5-liter bag to hold a change of dry clothes on a hike since I knew there was a solid chance of rain later in the afternoon. Dry bags add a degree of protection to your belongings as well as some peace of mind. ($22.95-$54.95) seallinegear.com
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Cotopaxi Sombra Sun Hoodie

Who doesn’t love a do-it-all piece of outdoor clothing? Whether casting a few lines, paddling the local waterway or even heading out for a desert hike, the Sombra Sun Hoodie has you covered. With UPF 50+ protection and a scuba hood, wearers don’t have to worry about the sun’s rays. Thumbholes and self-binding sleeves protect the hands from wind and exposure. Flat-lock seams help minimize abrasion and keep chafing away. A hidden pocket allows you to carry lip protection, a small energy bar or any other small gear you may need. Anti-odor technology means you can keep your hoodie on going from an adventure to the brewery. Because it’s made with recycled polyester, buyers and wearers can feel good about the environmental impact of this product. Available in a men’s and women’s version in a variety of colors, this piece should be a staple in anyone’s outdoor wardrobe. ($70) cotopaxi.com
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Knockout Fishing Ott-O-Retriever

Bank fishermen and boat fishermen alike know the struggle of losing countless lures to submerged structure you didn’t know about until it was too late. When tragedy strikes and your lure gets snagged, the Knockout Fishing Ott-O-Retriever can easily attach to your fishing line and will help dislodge your lure. It is a 3-ounce tool that, when attached to your fishing line near the tip of the rod, will slide down the line and run into the snagged lure. The Ott-O-Retriever has a smooth coating around it to prevent any line fraying. Upon impact, the lure will be knocked free and the angler will be able to reel in the Ott-O-Retriever and their lure. This tool not only saves your wallet from losing all your favorite lures, but also saves the water from being cluttered with lost lures and old fishing line. The folks at Knockout Fishing refer to the Ott-O-Retriever as a fisherman’s best friend for a reason! ($14.99) basspro.com

Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Logo Washed Chino Hat

Gift your favorite Bassmaster fan the perfect thing to keep the sun out of their eyes when they’re casting a line! The Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Logo Washed Chino Hat features the Bassmaster shield on front and is perfect for wearing on the water or just around town! ($34.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Mustad Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Mustad has created a great tool for any angler in the house. The Mustad Aluminum Fishing Pliers are built tough enough to stand up to saltwater, and the tungsten carbide line cutter handles monofilament and braid like a hot knife through butter. Lately, pliers have come onto the market that offer great versatility but also come with a high price tag. The Mustad Aluminum Fishing Pliers come in at a price point that is more than a pair of needle-nose pliers from the hardware store, but two to three times less than high-end fishing pliers. They come with a carrying case and lanyard that will keep them organized and not on the bottom of the lake. The combination of great line-cutting capabilities, sturdy construction and a great price makes Mustad Aluminum Fishing Pliers a great stocking stuffer for the fisherman in your family. ($40.99) mustad-fishing.com

TYR Carolita HTS Polarized Sunglasses

Not only do polarized sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also are a huge help in reducing the glare from the sun on the water. This really helps anglers see into the water. When fishing shallow water, the ability to see into the water is incredibly valuable. It allows you to see fish, structure and sometimes even bottom composition. TYR Carolita HTS Polarized Sunglasses are just the right gift for bank and boat anglers alike. The frames were designed with athletes in mind. They are lightweight and impact resistant, and made to bend but not break. The lenses are scratch resistant, smudge resistant and water resistant — perfect for anglers on the go. These sunglasses also are equipped with gripped padding to help them stay in place while landing all of your best catches. ($99.99) tyr.com

Miss Mayfly Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant

The Miss Mayfly Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant is comfortable enough to wear while driving to a favorite fishing spot, or they just as easily can be thrown on when it’s time to gear up waterside. The high waist and comfort front mean a happy fit and coverage if you need to bend down. Fly fishers can easily move from the bank to the water with the flexible Polyflex fabric. Bending down to retrieve a fish or take care of a snagged line is easy to do. The flexible fabric is also abrasion resistant, in case there is any bushwhacking or other hazards. The color was chosen to blend into the environment (like a chameleon) and not scare the fish away. A water-resistant zipper pocket allows you to carry tools. The attached neoprene booties keep your feet dry and warm. Available in five different body-type sizes as well as petite, average and tall lengths and a variety of bootie sizes, these pants can complement any fly fisher’s body type for a glove-like fit. ($279.95) missmayfly.com

Lew’s Custom Lite Series Spinning Reel

The newest spinning reel in the Lew’s collection debuted at ICAST earlier this year. Lew’s claims the Custom Lite Series Spinning Reel is its most lightweight spinning reel to date. Pro angler Jay Przekurat used this reel to secure the win at the 2022 Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at the St. Lawrence River in Clayton, N.Y. Though it is a lightweight reel designed for finesse and light-tackle fishing, its carbon frame makes it incredibly efficient in fighting even the biggest fish. It’s armed with an 11 stainless steel bearing system for an incredibly smooth retrieve. It has a high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratio and an ultra-smooth carbon drag system. It can be either a right- or left-hand retrieve reel and has a sleek, titanium-coated line roller. It has a comfortable handle with EVA pro grip to make reeling in your next personal best a breeze. I’ve had the chance to use this reel for a few months, and it has quickly and easily become the favorite in my collection. ($159.99) lews.com

X2Power AGM Battery

The sealed ultimate AGM from X2Power is basically two batteries in one. The pure lead design of the AGM battery has the high cranking power to start boat motors and the cycling capabilities to run trolling motors and electronics. It’s also the perfect battery for your RV, truck or car. The advanced AGM technology makes it safe and maintenance free. It’s nonspillable, nongassing, maintenance-free and made with pure lead for fast recharging — ideal for extended usage and seasonal storage. Highly conductive connections including cast-on straps, intercell connectors and brass terminals ensure maximum power and corrosion resistance. The charge lasts three times longer than a regular flooded battery and holds a charge 30% longer. I particularly like the brass terminals, but the fact that the batteries can also be installed and mounted in any position other than upside down can be key. They also are 28 times more vibration resistant than traditional flooded batteries. These batteries also come with a four-year free replacement guarantee and are available for purchase at all Batteries Plus stores. ($499) x2powerbattery.com
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Boomerang Tool Co. The Snip Retractable Line Cutter

The Snip Retractable Line Cutter is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer and is a must-have for any angler in your life. It’s essentially a compact pair of scissors capable of cutting through any type of line, including braid up to 50 pounds, monofilament and fluorocarbon. With its built-in carabiner, it can easily be attached to your tacklebag or belt loop so it is always handy and never misplaced. My favorite feature of the Snip Retractable Line Cutter is the retractable nylon cord. This 30-inch military-grade nylon cord allows you to snip the line you need cut, and once you let go, they zip back into place until you need them again. The blades are corrosion resistant, which is helpful for long days of retying on the water. I have had my pair for almost a year and don’t know how I managed before them! ($12.99) academy.com

Echo Gecko Kids Fly Fishing Rod/Kit

When choosing a fly fishing rod for a kid, look no further than Echo’s Gecko setup. This rod has a smaller handle so even the youngest kid can grip it more easily than an adult rod. The rod is available as a 4 weight or 5 weight, depending on the fish species you intend to target. We ordered the 5 weights for both of our kids, and they could cast them as young as 6 years old. The Gecko is available as either a single rod or in a kit that includes the rod, reel, line, leader and backing. (Rod: $114.99, kit: $189.99) echoflyfishing.com

Go {Gear Up}

Frabill Witness Weigh Net

When fishing with kids, giving them the chance to weight their catch not only increases their engagement in the activity, but also keeps them focused on hopefully landing that next big fish. The Frabill Witness Weigh Net combines a fish net and a scale, making it that much easier to quickly weigh a fish and return it to the water safely. With a built-in 50-pound scale, anglers can now quickly get the weight of a fish and release it without having to handle the fish with a standard scale. Designed for families to enjoy a day on the lake, the Witness Weigh Net is an innovative way to show kids their fish’s weight and length and snap a quick photo. It has a tangle-free micro-mesh and flat bottom net that’s safe for fish handling, and the molded rubber grip with a 48-inch handle makes it easy for anyone to use. Simply scoop up any fish up to 50 pounds and remove the hook. Turn on the scale and flip the net horizontally with the net portion down to quickly record the weight of any species of fish. ($149.99) frabill.com

Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Rods

Whether you’re planning a road trip or simply want a fishing combo handy in the vehicle for fishing on a whim, a travel rod is key. Not only does it store safely and securely anywhere, the Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Rod comes in a sturdy yet pliable case to keep it safe wherever your adventure may take you. The rod itself is the perfect combination of quality and sensitivity that makes for the perfect travel rod. It will withstand some beating from any adventure yet still perform cast after cast when needed. The three-piece rod connection points are designed to bend with the rod, giving a strong, smooth action while fighting fish, and the blank is built to withstand the beating of a travel rod but prevents twisting to offer a sensitive feel with solid power on hook sets. It’s available in seven different models, with actions ranging from medium-light to medium-heavy and lengths from 7 foot to 7 foot, 6 inches, covering a wide range of fishing situations. ($129.99) daiwa.us
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Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Everyday Backpack

Everyone needs a good backpack. Whether it’s for school, work or carrying gear to the boat, you’ll love using the B.A.S.S. Everyday Backpack. In classic black and white, it will always be in style, and you’ll love using it for years to come. ($29.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Stio Turpin Fleece Hooded Pullover

For the adventurer, the city dweller or the homebody who just really loves being cozy, the Stio Turpin Fleece Hooded Pullover is the fleece layer you’ve been dreaming about! This has been my go-to jacket for fall and winter adventures, as it can be worn on its own or comfortably layered with other layers due to the flat-lock seams. Constructed from supersoft REPREVE recycled fiber, this microfleece is lightweight and doesn’t come with that bulky “restricted movement” feeling of other fleece jackets. It’s supersoft and breathable, wicks moisture and dries quickly. This fleece also features a kangaroo hand pocket and custom snaps along the side hem that you can adjust to your style and comfort. And, when you purchase from Stio, your purchase is carbon neutral certified. This means that the company completely offsets the carbon footprint of each order through its commitment to being caretakers of the beautiful places we love to play. ($99) stio.com

Garmin Quatix 7 Smartwatch

quatix 7 Lifestyle Photography

If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, you have probably seen watches designed to provide useful information for any activity. Whether you’re into hiking, running, walking, cycling or pretty much any outdoor activity, the Garmin quatix 7 smartwatch will enhance your outdoor experience. Designed to help dominate on the water, with features that connect to other Garmin Marine electronics, the watch allows for autopilot control, data streaming, Fusion-Link entertainment system control, integrated tide data on the watch face and new alarms for better situational awareness. Additionally, for land-based activities, pairing the watch with your smartphone allows for other advanced smartwatch features for all-day, all-activity wearability. Keep track of performance metrics and get smartphone notifications, 24/7 health monitoring with health activity and sleep data, and Garmin Pay contactless payments. Regardless of the activity, the waterproof and durable wristbands are supercomfortable and durable, making it easy to wear, and the dual-function display can be controlled using traditional buttons or the new touchscreen interface. The battery lasts up to 18 days, and the charge time is superfast for even more convenience on the go. For someone who has gone away from watch wearing in favor of a smartphone, the Garmin quatix 7 is something you didn’t even know you needed in your daily routine. ($699.99);

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Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Long-Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

Looking for the perfect performance shirt for outdoor activity? Look no further. The B.A.S.S. Long-Sleeve Performance T-Shirt is so comfortable you will want to take it everywhere, and the navy color and simple cut means it will stay in style. ($39.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Minus33 Neck Gaiter

Made from 100% merino wool, this neck gaiter is a great addition to your hiking pack, ski pack or camping bag. Merino wool is a natural fiber from a specific breed of sheep. It is thinner and softer than regular wool, making it more comfortable to wear, particularly while being active. It has many benefits, including regulating body temperature, minimizing moisture buildup from sweat and canceling odor. The Minus33 neck gaiter is designed to be worn around your neck to provide a barrier against the cold and wind. It can also be pulled up to cover your nose and mouth to protect against chapping. Finally, it can be worn as an ear covering or headband. This product is incredibly soft, comfortable and warm — perfect for all seasons and all adventures. It is designed for active use at zero to 30 degrees and inactive use at 30 to 60 degrees. This includes hiking, mountain biking, skiing, running, fishing and camping. ($24.99) minus33.com
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Bassmaster Bass Silhouette Unisex Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Need a versatile shirt to show off your love for bass fishing during the chilly months? The Bassmaster Bass Silhouette Unisex Long-Sleeve T-Shirt in military green is calling your name! It offers the perfect combination of comfort and style for everyday wear to make you a great catch! ($34.95) Bassmaster.shop
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QALO Silicone Rings

Regardless of whether your favorite outdoor activity is fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, boating, log splitting, working out or anything else, the chance of your metal wedding ring getting dinged up or lost goes way up. And sometimes it can interfere with what you’re doing by being uncomfortable or just in the way. That’s why QALO silicone rings are so great for people who love doing life outside. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, but they are superdurable and resilient. No more taking your wedding ring off when you head to the gym or to grab your fishing gear. Let the world know you’re taken while doing the things you love. QALO has a wide range of different models to fit anyone’s style and personality. From simple, solid-color rings to multilayer, multicolor and unique designs, there’s no doubt you’ll find a ring that is a perfect fit for that special person in your life. The company even offers engraving on certain styles for the ultimate personalized gift. Sizing is easy with the sizing guide, and the company also has great customer service for easy returns and exchanges.($13.95-$39.95) qalo.com
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Vessi Waterproof Tennis Shoes

Say goodbye to wet feet and hello to dry socks with Vessi’s waterproof tennis shoes. These 100% waterproof and weatherproof shoes are sure to keep your feet protected from any rain, snow, puddles, mud or slush that comes your way. Plus, they are cruelty-free and vegan! These shoes feature a flexible and temperature-regulating knit material along with a VZero2 cushioning midsole. As someone who has struggled with insufficient support from shoes in the past, I can say that there has never been an issue with any of my Vessi shoes; these make you feel like you are walking on a cloud. All of their shoes come with removable insoles, but I’ve been perfectly happy with the level of support the shoe offers right out of the box. Vessi shoes are a perfect gift for explorers of all ages and genders and are offered in seven different style options, catered to your life and style preferences. Go with the Everyday Move for more active adventures and support on the go, the Weekend Chelsea for cooler months or the CityScape for ultralightweight urban wear. ($89-$145) vessi.com

RTIC Tote Bag

The best carry-all tote bag ever made! While RTIC is known for its insulated gear, this design is in line with the company’s reputation for high-quality and long-lasting gear. This bag is large enough to carry everything you need when you leave the house, so your hands will be free to do the necessary things — like maybe opening the car door! It is made from a durable and puncture-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about it ripping or breaking when full of your belongings. It is also water resistant, making it easy to clean and keeping it looking brand new. There is a bonus sealed pocket inside that is completely waterproof, perfect for your phone. The straps are wide enough to be comfortable on your shoulder and secure together with Velcro. I am not exaggerating when I say this bag goes everywhere with me. From grocery shopping to the beach to a weekend trip, it does it all. ($74.99) rticoutdoors.com
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FRDM Hybrid Lightweight Gloves

The FRDM Hybrid Lightweight Gloves are the ideal gloves for cool mornings in nature or cold-weather fishing. These gloves make sure your hands stay warm (and dry) with fleece insulation, waterproofing and windproofing layers. The gloves feature touchscreen-conductive fingertips and magnetic flip-back thumb, index and middle finger caps. The touchscreen-compatible e-tips allow you to control your phone and mobile devices, or you can fold the tips back for full access to your fingertips. The foldable fingertips are a game changer for the photographer, hiker, fisher or parent. Keep your hands cozy without having to compromise on function. No more putting on and taking off your gloves when you need to adjust your fishing line, change your camera settings or help your kid zip up their jacket. These convertible gloves are a unisex product, come in varying warmth levels ranging from liners to ski gloves and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.($40) frdmgear.com
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Bassmaster Embroidered Hat/Buckle Back

This cap is classic and comfortable, and it will quickly become your ol’ reliable. ($24.95) Bassmaster.shop
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Stio Women’s Second Light Pullover

This is the perfect layer to carry during an active day out! The Stio Second Light Pullover is an ultralight, technical jacket designed with high-intensity activity in mind. It is designed with Meridian stretch mini-ripstop fabric, which is breathable but also extremely weather resistant. I have used it for both running and hiking and can assure you that it provides great ventilation, particularly for running. I have also successfully tested it as a top layer in high winds, rain and snow. Depending on what you layer under it, I think this jacket has a lot to offer. The bonus of this great jacket is how small it packs up. It packs into itself as a small sack that can easily fit in any backpack. It is great for an emergency jacket that is always packed and ready for adventure. Lastly, it also has reflective tabs for safety, two zippered pockets for storage and thumbholes. ($109) stio.com
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